TBS Used a Moscow River Fire to Depict Cleveland Last Night

It's bad enough that people still resort to talking about the Cuyahoga River catching fire whenever they want to talk about Cleveland. But if you're going to go there, the least you could do is get the facts right, especially if you're going to use imagery.

Last night, the TBS postgame coverage of the Indians win over the Red Sox included the graphic above. Yes, the network took the easy path and dug up the old trope. Fire! Cleveland!

Except that's not Cleveland nor the Cuyahoga River. That's a river in Moscow and a 2015 oil fire (that injured three people, including a child). Because apparently there aren't ample photos of the actual Cuyahoga River fire available on the internet and, we're guessing, TBS just didn't think they were dynamic and fire-y enough to properly depict Cleveland. 

It wasn't the only faux pas in the aftermath of the 5-4 win, incidentally. The postgame coverage also included Pedro Martinez whipping out a racist Native American stereotype, which he quickly apologized for on Twitter.
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