Temporary Casino Might Find Home at Higbees Building

Higbees, now dealing in nutcrackers of a different variety.
  • Higbees, now dealing in nutcrackers of a different variety.

Back when Higbees was Higbees, the windows facing the streets were littered with displays of toys and wonderment during Christmas. At least that's what A Christmas Story taught me, and since it's a movie, it's true. Children would press their faces to the glass to take in the greenworld through the foggy glass, dreaming of toyland riches.

Now that the official Cleveland casino opening has been pushed back to 2013, at the earliest, Dan Gilbert and company are considering plans to open a temporary location at the old Higbees building. So replace the youngsters from Higbees' glory days with bums, and the scene doesn't change all that much. Now adults will stare longingly at a greenworld of blackjack and slots and heretofore undiscovered riches. Or debt. One or the other.

Details from the Plain Dealer story after the jump.

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