The 100 Things Every Clevelander Must Do

The 100 Things Every Clevelander Must Do
Illustration by Jason Look

It's been six years since we first tallied up the 100 things every Clevelander must do. Things change, of course, and Cleveland is a way different city than it was back in 2013. So we decided it was time for an update.

The list is now new and improved, like Cleveland itself.

So as of the summer of 2019, the 100 things every Clevelander must do at least once are, in no particular order ...

1. Visit Lake View Cemetery: The final resting place of John D. Rockefeller, Eliot Ness, Revolutionary War soldiers, Ray Chapman and more famous and influential people than we have time to name, Lake View Cemetery is also, of course, home to the President Garfield Memorial. The view from the second floor balcony is one of the most majestic and underrated in the whole city.

2. Catch a CMA City Stages Show: Bringing music from around the world to a stage across from the Transformer Station in Hingetown, the free City Stages summer series is a unique chance to catch acts playing tunes from everywhere from Central America to West Africa and in between, thanks to dynamite programming from the Cleveland Museum of Art.

3Go to the Cuyahoga County Fair: Fried foods, animals, beer. There are probably some other things we're forgetting for the moment, but those are the main points to remember. Who doesn't want to see the biggest zucchini in the state?

4. See a Jazz Concert at Nighttown: There's no shortage of venues to see good music in Cleveland, but the only location bringing in world-renowned jazz artists on a regular basis is at the top of Cedar Hill in Cleveland Heights. Nighttown's eclectic and unique schedule will show you something you won't see anywhere else in town.

5. Cabrew/Canoe in Mohican: Grab some friends, grab some brews, head on down to Mohican and one of the many canoe rental shops, get on the lazy river and peacefully roll with the current while sipping your favorite beverage and taking in the lush scenery for routes that run 7 miles (2 hours) up to 15 miles (4 hours).

6Tour the Aquarium: Sure, it's not the Shedd, but what is the Shedd besides the Shedd? Stop comparing and simply have fun. The Cleveland aquarium is one of the newest reasons to visit the west bank of the Flats and with regular special events and programming, there's always a fun option to get up close and personal with some sharks.

7. Ice Skate on Public Square: There aren't many rinks smaller than the one that goes up each winter on renovated Public Square, but in this case, size does, in fact, not matter. Skating here is usually free, thanks to philanthropic benefactors, and you'll be cutting figure 8s in the middle of a downtown resplendent in holiday decorations.

8Visit the Schvitz: Shhh. You gotta know a regular at the Schvitz to get in, and it's men only, but once you enter the hallowed doors, you'll enjoy pampering you won't find anywhere else. Steam, steak, wine await. Check out our story on the Schvitz — — to learn more about one of Cleveland's best secrets.

9. Eat a Polish Boy: The city's signature sammie — bun, sausage, coleslaw, fries, barbecue sauce — is seriously delicious and utterly Cleveland. (The origin story, if you didn't know: Virgil Whitmore launched his first barbecue shop in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood back in the 1940s before opening the more popular Whitmore's Bar-B-Q at East 85th and Cedar. Whitmore's grandson Larry Turner, who now runs Mt. Pleasant BBQ, says that it was his grandad who first decided to combine ingredients that he already had on hand into the messy sandwich.) Get one, and get extra napkins.

10. Take a Trip on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad: Not everything on the list is in Cleveland proper, but there are certain Northeast Ohio expeditions that we'd be crazy to exclude. Here's one: Take a trip on the country's only nonprofit heritage railway operating in a National Park, through the 33,000 acres of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

11. Go See the Cleveland Ballet: Now in its fourth season, the Cleveland Ballet, which thankfully arrived on the scene to replace the troupe of the same moniker that jetted off to San Jose full time in 2000, has 14 dancers and donor backing that has put the group on solid financial ground. That's good news for Cleveland, which once again has a professional classical ballet company to call its own.

12. Visit League Park: Cy Young threw out the first pitch when League Park opened at the corner of Lexington and East 66th. The Tribe won the 1920 World Series there. Babe Ruth hit his 500th home run at the park. Though it was mostly torn down in 1951, parts of the park remain and renovations brought us the Baseball Heritage Museum and a field that regularly hosts youth baseball games.

13. Catch a Jacobs Pavilion Show: Few things surpass the purity of a Cleveland summer night, distilled to the essence of outdoor tunes on the banks of the Cuyahoga River — especially when the music and commerce align in perfection to bring a freighter around the bend right as the encore hits.

14. Catch a Flick at the Cleveland International Film Festival: Celebrating its 45th edition in 2020, the Cleveland International Film Festival has grown over four decades from the little festival that could to one that last year hosted 105,839 attendees enjoying 213 feature films and 237 shorts from 71 countries.

15Visit the Botanical Gardens: The Cleveland Botanical Gardens are way cooler than you think. It's all about plants, sure, but don't let that deter you from taking in the shapes and colors of the natural world. You might learn a thing or two. At the very least, it's simply beautiful to look at.

16Kayak the Cuyahoga River: Yes, kayak down the Cuyahoga River. Cleveland's history is dominated by the river, from city inception to present day. And there's no better way to see the city from ground level than to wind from the Flats, under the bridges and as far south as you dare.

17. Take In the Asian Lantern Festival: Taking over parks and zoos across the country, the traveling Asian Lantern Festival shows off thousands of colorful handmade paper lanterns in open, green spaces. For the second year now, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is a host with 40 brand new light-up displays on view Thursday through Sunday evenings until July 28. The event also includes authentic bites from local spots Li Wah, King Wah, Thai Thai, an interactive zone, open-air market and live performances. 

18Sample the Food Trucks at Walnut Wednesdays: The food truck economy blossomed quickly after Hodge Podge gave Cleveland a quick taste a few years ago. Now, Walnut Wednesdays downtown are littered with lines of trucks slinging gourmet food and street bites for bargain prices.

19. Catch the Tunes at Larchmere's Porchfest: For most of the year, Clevelanders visit Larchmere for the food and antique stores. For one day every June, however, those take a back seat to free porch concerts from local artists all up and down the cozy neighborhood's serene side streets. Pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the tunes with some new friends.

20. Take a Tour on the Goodtime III: You can brush it off as lame if you want (it's not), but you're hard-pressed to find a better day-tour of some of the city's finest sights. As a bonus, your guides will fill you in on the history of the river and industry that bubbled up on its shores and the industries that dot the river now.

21. Grab a Selfie With Mall Guy: The swagtastic, neon-adorned Cleveland icon can be found, obviously, at the mall, but also Indians games, free concerts, Blossom and anywhere else where the masses have gathered. Say hi, snap a pic, and let all your friends know you found Mall Guy.

22. Spend a Day at the Rock Hall: Bitch about who's inducted and who's not if you want — that's half the fun! — but you can't take anything away from the stunning, unparalleled collection of rock history sitting inside the glass pyramid by Lake Erie. Schedule your visit around one of the Rock Hall's free plaza concerts or regular talks from rock luminaries for the full experience.

23. Get a Shot at a 'Cleveland' Sign: Show off and bask in one of Cleveland's scenic views and get some IG love with a shot at one of the numerous "Cleveland" signs around downtown, conveniently located at most of the Forest City's most stunningly beautiful spots. Bonus points for collecting them all.

24. Catch the Annual Rooms To Let Exhibition: Slavic Village, as you're well aware, was at the epicenter of the foreclosure crisis but has recovered by leaps and bounds in the past decade. With an eye toward celebrating the community and sparking a conversation around vacancies, Rooms To Let was born. The show bestows homes slated for demolition or rehab to local artists who turn them into indoor and outdoor art exhibitions. Catch the seventh annual event in May 2020.

25. Tailgate in the Muni Lot: From the denizens lining up to park before the sun comes up to the Dawg Pound faithful chugging beers throughout the morning, from the decorated RVs to the face-painting fans, there's no scene quite like the Muni Lot on a Sunday. And it's sure to be amped up more than usual this year as Baker and OBJ and company bring something called "hope" to the beleaguered fan base.

26See a Play at Playhouse Square: If you don't know the history behind Cleveland's venerable theaters on Euclid, you should do some Googling, pronto. They are beautiful — take a tour, see a show — and an unmatched example of theater being built and reclaimed, at different times, in a city by the arts community.

27Go to Third Fridays at 78th Street Studios: The local arts scene is one to be treasured and supported in every way possible. It's impossible to list here every gallery or artist, or even to mention every event, so we settled on one easy way to catch the most local artists in one spot at one time. With a wide range of galleries and mediums, 78th Street Studios is a veritable buffet of local talent, and Third Fridays gives you a chance to take in all their brilliance (and hopefully buy a piece or two in support).

28. Walk on the Lower Level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge: A subway used to run on the lower level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge, dontcha know, and that level, rarely seen by the public, is open a few times a year for tours.

29. Karaoke at Tina's: You can belt out "Don't Stop Believing" at just about any corner bar, but do yourself a favor and sing your little heart out at Tina's Nite Club instead. The nondescript building squirreled away on the back streets of Detroit-Shoreway houses the strangest, most fervent, most eclectic karaoke in Cleveland ... every day of the week. Every day. Go forth and sing.

30. Take a Walking Tour: Chances are you know precious little history about the city you call home. The best way to rectify that is to take a walking tour, and thanks to Tours of Cleveland you can learn about the history of downtown buildings, the Arcade, Public Square, the Warehouse District, Playhouse Square and more while ambling about with some new pals.

31Visit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Plus a whole lot more. You don't need kids to enjoy the zoo — who doesn't love beasts? — so wander down and spend a day taking in the animal kingdom.

32Attend Opening Day: With all due respect to everything else on the list, we're partial to Opening Day. It's baseball, it's America, and there's nothing quite like taking the day off or knocking off work early to head down to the Jake for the first day of Tribe baseball.

33Attend a Speech at the City Club: The City Club of Cleveland is the longest continuously operating free speech forum in America. Since 1912, influential policy makers and debaters have stopped by Cleveland to talk about the issues that matter most. It's welcomed heads of state, activists, presidents and more, all in celebration of the First Amendment and our right to speak our minds.

34Look Out From the Terminal Tower Observation Deck: The observation deck of the Terminal Tower is only open a few weeks a year (bummer), but the view from the top of Cleveland's most-iconic skyscraper is simply breathtaking (yay!). The 30-mile view was unavailable for nine years after 9/11 and renovations to the building, but check in periodically for open hours, because there's nothing else quite like it.

35Visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Yeah, it's Canton not Cleveland, but Canton was the birthplace of football and the history of the sport is contained within the walls of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and we love the Browns and football. Football fans make the tour to football mecca every year. For us, it's a short jaunt down I-77. How could you not go?

36. Catch Hot Tunes on a Cold Night at Brite Winter: There are cities that flood music festivals when temps are balmy, the sun beaming and little more than a tank top and shorts required. In Cleveland, however, we converge en masse for an outdoor concert in the middle of February on the banks of a frozen river. Featuring a Who's Who of local and regional acts, Brite Winter on the west bank of the Flats is a true Cleveland experience.

37. Load Up on Food and Entertainment With Night Market: After a one-year hiatus, Night Market is back in Cleveland's old Chinatown, offering a food-filled street market along with music, cocktails and live performances that draw attention and foot traffic to the St. Clair Superior neighborhood and Cleveland's thriving Asian community. Three more await this summer, one each in July, August and September.

38Run the Cleveland Marathon: Okay, or a 5-K somewhere. But the Cleveland Marathon is a great chance to push your body and enjoy the city — from west to east — from the streets. Check Hermes' schedule for plenty of shorter runs around town, because let's be honest: The Marathon's a good goal, but few of us will ever reach it.

39Attend a Cleveland Orchestra Concert: We're talking a world-class orchestra — selling out concerts in Europe on a regular basis — right here, performing regularly. Severance Hall is gorgeous, and the Orchestra offers plenty of programming — from cartoon scores to movies — for anyone who pretends to not enjoy Beethoven.

40. Shop the West Side Market: After celebrating its centennial and enjoying one of its busiest years in recent history, there's not much new to say about Cleveland's public market. It's the envy of folks around the country, stocked fully with the most delicious food in town no matter your taste and ... well, come on: Just go buy your stuff there already.

41Visit the Great Lakes Science Center: Want to learn something and be entertained? Then this is a spot you must see. Most notable to many for being next to Browns Stadium, or perhaps for the wind turbine out back, the Science Center is much, much more. From flight to rocks, from animals to humans, interactive exhibits will leave you more informed than when you entered.

42Ride the Ferris Wheel at the IX Indoor Amusement Park: You know the song. Gotta get to the, IX, Indoor, Amuuuuusement Park. The quirky little set-up is ingrained in Cleveland's pop culture memory, but if you've never stopped by for yourself, you've never had the chance to ride the indoor Ferris wheel.

43. Conquer the Cleveland Brewery Passport: With every new year bringing tasty new suds, Cleveland's exploding brewery scene is an ever-expanding beast ripe for constant exploration. And there's no better way to drink it all in than conquering them all with the help of the Cleveland Brewery Passport, featuring 34 destinations this year, with prizes and raffles as an additional reward to the satisfying experience of tasting the city's best beers.

44Run, Bike or Walk the Towpath Trail: The historic Towpath Trail was a linchpin of Ohio's economic development in the 1800s. Now, the miles upon miles of trails are a linchpin of idle wandering and light exercise.

45Try Something New in Asia Town: Bypass the fast-food General Tsos and head over to Asia Town. Whether you're looking for Korean, Chinese, Cambodian or Thai, Asia Town has something to offer. Dim Sum? You betcha! Authentic Asian eats that you've never tried before? Of course. Try something new and support Cleveland's Asian community.

46. Visit the Dittrick Medical Museum of Medical History: Housed inside Case Western Reserve University's Allen Memorial Medical Library, this museum is a beacon for anyone who likes to gaze at, or faint in front of, the crazy medical devices used over the centuries in the name of science. From the history of STDs to corsets — and all the terrible things they do to a woman's internal organs — it's the museum you never knew you wanted to visit.

47. Summertime Scoops: Whether you're partial to Mason's, Mitchell's, Honey Hut, Sweet Moses, Daisy's, Jeni's or your friendly neighborhood scoop shop (or, naturally, all of them), a sweet treat at a picnic table as the sun sets might be the sweetest moment of Cleveland summers.

48: Toboggan at the Chalet: Winter! Screaming! Fun! If you want to toboggan, there's only one place to do so. You've skied, sledded and ice skated, but to properly round out the winter sporting experience, slide down a chute of ice while the cold air blasts your face.

49. Take a Trip to Put-in-Bay: Northeast Ohio's private little island getaway has seen its share of drunken escapades. Go add your own dose of debauchery, or simply enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and serene surroundings.

50Visit the Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame: Frankie Yankovic? Yeah, the name rings a bell. Find his history — plus the city's history — at the Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame in Euclid. Because everyone loves polka and everyone loves music, and this is an oddball attraction you can't miss.

51. Watch the Greasy Pole Competition at St. Rocco's: Sure, you could watch a free-climbing documentary on Netflix if you want to see some daredevils reach for the sky. But Clevelanders know the real action and athletic prowess is on display at St. Rocco's annual Labor Day weekend church festival when teams of five compete to climb — human ladder-style, each person climbing over the next — a greased-up telephone pole. Should be an Olympic sport by now, if you ask us.

52. Get Your Fish Fry On: Are you even a Clevelander if you haven't lined up at a local church or neighborhood tavern for some cod or perch and sides during Lent? The answer, regardless of your religious or non-religious affiliation, is no. With dozens upon dozens of options, there's a delightfully fried fishy for every budget and zip code.

53. Get Your Vista on at the Lakewood Solstice Steps: Lakewood Park's got a lot going for it, and topping that list is the Solstice Steps, which turned an otherwise bland but important stretch of Lakewood's little publicly owned lakefront into a gathering place and destination viewpoint for Lake Erie and the Cleveland skyline. There are few better or more interesting 480-foot stretches of the North Coast.

54. See a Flick at the Cinematheque: Tucked away in University Circle is one of Cleveland's best hidden gems — a place where you can see the best foreign, independent and other movies that don't make it to local theaters, plus a truckload of re-releases, new prints, award winners from overseas and historical flicks. Operating since 1986, but now in its glistening new home, the Cinematheque is an absolute treasure for film buffs.

55See a Show at the Beachland Ballroom: Settled in a former Croatian social hall, the Beachland Ballroom has hosted just about every notable indie act of the past two decades. Cindy Barber has created a venue that, along with the tavern — which serves a dynamite Sunday brunch — anchors Waterloo and has become a must-stop for national touring acts. Cheers, and thank you.

56See a Show at the Grog Shop: It might not sport the faint aroma of decades of urine like its original location down the street on Coventry, but the Grog Shop, and its owner Kathy, are the yin to the Beachland's yang, except it's been around longer. The next Pixies or Mos Def or Drive-By Truckers are probably among the next batch of acts to take the stage.

57Visit the Cultural Gardens: The Cultural Gardens that dot East Boulevard and MLK are a tribute to 20th-century America and Cleveland, and to the immigrants and migrants who made the city a vibrant, diverse place to live and work. Self-guided and guided tours will show you the beauty of the dozens of gardens.

58Visit the Crawford Auto Museum: Like every other cultural landmark in University Circle, the Western Reserve Historical Society is to be counted as a blessing for the city. Inside, among the many other tidbits of Cleveland history, you'll find the Crawford Auto Museum, which is a living testament to the auto culture of America.

59. Take a Spin on the Euclid Beach Carousel: While you're at the WRHS, you absolutely must — must! — hop on the refurbished Euclid Beach carousel for a taste of nostalgia and to feel like a kid again.

60Tour the Federal Reserve Bank: The Fed doesn't offer tours for individuals or families any longer, but they do for organizations, and anything can be an organization, so call up and schedule one. The pre-World War I architecture is one of the main draws, but the learning center will teach you everything you wanted to know about how our economy works.

61Get Lost at the Cleveland Museum of Art: One of the best art museums in the world sits on East Boulevard just waiting for you. The world-renowned collection spans continents and eras, from Italian Renaissance to modern, from ancient Greece to African, and more. Obviously, always more. Spend a day getting lost.

62Enjoy Wade Oval Wednesdays: From June through August, Cleveland gathers together at Wade Oval Wednesdays in University Circle. With free concerts, family attractions, food and entertainment, there's no more casual or fun way to kill a summer evening. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and camp out with friends for hours.

63Shop at Flower Child: Cleveland is home to a fantastic selection of vintage and antique stores, but if there's one to make a priority, it's Flower Child. Winner of just about every Best Of award in the vintage category, the labyrinth boasts furniture, jewelry, clothing, home goods, decorations, art and anything else you can imagine. Just when you think you've seen everything, a whole new room awaits.

64. Watch the Cleveland Air Show: Labor Day weekend in Cleveland means many things, but among the most impressive is the Air Show, which drops into Burke for high-flying fun featuring the likes of the Blue Angels.

65See a Concert at Blossom: Northeast Ohio's largest outdoor music venue, Blossom Music Center brings in the largest country acts every year, holds an annual series with the Cleveland Orchestra and is still the only place you're likely to see the most popular touring artists every summer.

66Hit the Casino: You don't have to save for a Vegas vacation anymore. Nor drive to Pennsylvania or Detroit. Whether you prefer blackjack or slots, poker or roulette, the JACK Casino meets all your gambling needs, and 24/7 $10 blackjack tables too. Play a few hands and test your luck. Just don't blame us if you lose.

67Catch a Minor League Baseball Game: Think the Tribe's too expensive (it's not), or want to catch the next generation of Indian greats? Stop by an Akron RubberDucks game or a Lake County Captains affair. Tickets are bargain-priced, but the talent's not.

68Kill Some Time at the Cleveland Public Library: Cleveland is among the most literate cities in America, according to various studies. We read, and we like it. Cleveland's gem of a downtown library — celebrating 150 years — is not only an architectural beauty, but is stocked full of the written word and archives detailing the Forest City's history. Plus, there's no better way to get access to free entertainment you won't find on your favorite streaming services.

69Visit the Museum of Natural History: University Circle is Cleveland's cultural capital, and while the art museum gets most of the press, the Museum of Natural History offers something just a bit different. Oh, there are dinosaurs, which are great, but also rocks and science and everything else that'll help you learn how we got here.

70Visit the Maltz Museum: The Maltz Museum, above all else, is about diversity, peace and tolerance. Founder Milton Maltz said, "The Permanent Collection is the American story. The first Jewish immigrants arrived in Cleveland in 1839. The museum tells their story of achievement through stunning, state-of-the-art exhibits."

71. Get Lost at Loganberry: Cleveland's best and most well-stocked bookstore sits on Larchmere with a fiction room that'll make book lovers drool, a rare and first-print room you'll find nowhere else in the region, and a staff eager to help you find the perfect read.

72Tour A Christmas Story House: A Christmas Story will remain a cult classic, and Cleveland's contribution to the Hollywood holiday movie canon is as enjoyable as ever. You might not get the treasured Red Ryder under the Christmas tree. You might not get what you asked for at all. But A Christmas Story never disappoints.

73Visit MOCA: MOCA's gleaming, beautiful, modern home on Mayfield Road in University Circle is now free for all to enter, and that's a damn good thing. For modern art in Cleveland, there's no better venue — a piece of art unto itself — and with University Circle's growth, MOCA is a shining example of what is still to come.

74Welcome the Buzzards in Hinckley: Buzzard Day is a great day. Each March 15, buzzard lovers congregate in Hinckley and await the first official sighting of the season as the turkey vultures make their way back for the spring. It's good, clean fun. There are pancakes and coffee and donuts and nature. But the draw is the big bird, and for them, we are grateful.

75Attend the All-American Soap Box Derby: Once again, not Cleveland, but a Northeast Ohio tradition that has birthed legends, stories and remains a testament to amateur competition. It's a soap box derby, after all — how could that not be fun?

76Gorge Yourself at the Feast of the Assumption: The delights of Little Italy in all their delicious glory are plied upon the streets throughout the Feast of the Assumption, that weekend in Cleveland when everyone is Italian. Cannoli and pasta, pizza and stuffed peppers, and ... hell, we're going to stop talking and just start counting the days until it arrives again.

77Chase Thrills at Cedar Point: Voted the best amusement park in America on a regular basis, it's the roller coaster capital of the world, and it's right down I-90. Even if you don't love blood-curdling rides and skyscraper-tall coasters, Cedar Point has something for you, even if it's just the merry-go-round.

78Ride Lolly the Trolley: Poo poo the idea as corny all you'd like, Lolly the Trolly could teach you a thing or two. Or 20. You think you know Cleveland? Hop aboard one day and be amazed at the hidden history and facts tossed out by the friendly, knowledgeable tour guides.

79Go to Twins Days: You're probably not a twin, just based on mathematical probability, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Twins Days in Twinsburg. It's less sideshow, more celebration. Also, impossibly hard to find who you're looking for.

80Go to the St. Patrick's Day Parade: Outside of Boston, Chicago and New York, no city loves itself some St. Patrick's Day like Cleveland. Our town's strong and proud Irish heritage is celebrated with pomp, circumstance, and thousands of inebriated souls one day every year.

81Drink Your Way Through Lake Erie Wines: Head up to Geneva-on-the-Lake and Ashtabula and see for yourself that Lake Erie wines are nothing to stick your nose up at. Sure, it's not Napa Valley, but Ohio has a long history of making fine wines — in fact, it's credited with producing America's first great wine — and the wineries up east are pumping out delectable vintages just around the corner.

82. Catch Edgewater Live and/or Euclid Beach Live: The Cleveland waterfronts are more engaged than they have been in decades, and a lot of the credit goes to the Cleveland Metroparks, which took over operations at Edgewater and Euclid Beach and promptly made them not only miles better, but introduced regular summer series with food trucks, live music and more.

83. See a Play at Karamu House: Cleveland's historic African-American theater, the nation's oldest operating black theater, is in the midst of a $10 million capital campaign that has brought new life and energy to the theater, which continues to put on some of the most important works in Cleveland.

84. Check Out La Placita: The open-air, Hispanic-themed marketplace provides local minority entrepreneurs and artists with an opportunity to showcase their products. The events are designed to foster Cleveland's Latino culture and promote economic development in La Villa Hispana, a placemaking initiative within the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. You're supporting this endeavor by visiting the summer markets, where you can find a varied selection of traditional foods, artisan vendors and live entertainment. 

85. Catch a Flick at the Aut-0-Rama Drive-In: You can have your plush luxury seating; all we really need is the open air and our trusty car. Head out to North Ridgeville to catch a movie at Cleveland's oldest operating drive-in theater, which opened in the 1950s and was the first two-screen affair in the city in 1972. Aut-o-Rama features new releases as well as retro nights.

87. Celebrate Dyngus Day: Headquartered in Gordon Square and Tremont, Cleveland's celebration of all things Polish shuts down the streets and packs the bars as pierogi, sausages and Polish beers pile high. Don't worry if you forgot your pussy willow at home: Someone's bound to have an extra.

87. Score 'Em High at 16-Bit or Superelectric: Head over to Lakewood and get some vintage action on Galaga or Burgertime machines (free!) while sipping a pint and/or pop over to Superelectric in Detroit Shoreway to try your nimble hands at beautifully restored pinball games.

88. Visit Porco and the Spotted Owl: Cleveland's two best and very different cocktail bars have been in a battle of wits and pranks for years now, with Spotted Owl's latest salvo being a billboard atop Porco's roof declaring the Spotted Owl the best tiki bar in Cleveland. Sample the wares, listen to the tales, and decide for yourself who's winning the epic battle.

89. Check Out Apollo's Fire: Founded in 1992 by award-winning harpsichordist and conductor Jeannette Sorrell, Apollo's Fire, which was named after the god of music and the sun, has earned international acclaim. London's Independent called the group "one of the pre-eminent period-instrument ensembles" after it made its London debut in 2010 at a sold-out performance at Wigmore Hall that was broadcast on the BBC. Here in Cleveland, Apollo's Fire regularly hosts its subscription series, which has drawn national attention for its creative programming. Oh, and they recently won a Grammy.

90. Visit the Children's Museum: Back in 2015, when former site owners University Circle Inc. declined to renew the museum's lease, the institution's future was uncertain. But many Clevelanders stepped up to help, including an offer of a new space. In that time, nearly $10 million was raised to renovate the Stager-Beckwith Mansion at 3813 Euclid Ave., one of the final remnants of the famed Millionaires' Row. Version 2.0 is new and improved in every way. 

91. Check Out 'I Got Five On It' at Touch: One of the country's longest-running club parties, I Got Five On It celebrated its 13th anniversary this past December at Touch Supper Club in Ohio City. Founded by DJs Mickey "Mick Boogie" Batyske, Terry Urban and Robert Ivanov, the affair, which goes down every last Saturday of the month, has long been one of Cleveland's best parties mixing music from the '60s through the '90s.

92. Pick Your Own Apples at Rittman Orchards: Few things are more fresh or refreshing than a just-picked apple, especially when it's just been picked by your own hands. Head on down to Doylestown and load up for snacking, pie making and, let's be honest, eating almost immediately on the drive home.

93. Take in the Waterloo Arts Fest: Celebrating its 18th anniversary in 2020, the annual Waterloo Arts Fest in Collinwood features dozens of local bands playing a great mix of music with vendors on hand for all your art and food needs. Throw in interactive art experiences and you have the perfect celebration for one of Cleveland's best streets.

94. Hit MIX at the Museum: The Cleveland Museum of Art's monthly party is a place to be seen. Featuring a new theme every month, the event brings in eclectic musical acts, assorted entertainment, and takes place in the museum's stunning atrium.

95. Attend Pride in the CLE: Pride in the CLE hits Cleveland in June celebrating all people, regardless of sexual orientation. Now positioned as Cleveland's only Pride event (in year's past there had been two separate Pride weeks leading to confusion), it features a parade, pre-parties, post-parties and all the best people in the city. Go show your support. 

96. Take a Tour of NASA Glenn: Space! The Moon! Mars! Rockets! Visitors to NASA Glenn can take tours to learn all about that and more as guides walk you through the lives of engineers and scientists who work in NASA's research facilities. Questions about aliens are naturally encouraged. Tours are available once a month from April through October.

97. Visit Superman's Home: The Man of Steel was born in Cleveland and fans flock to the house in Glenville where Jerry Siegel lived on Kimberly Avenue to pay tribute.

98. Visit the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve: There exists 88 acres with 280 species of birds, 42 species of butterflies, 26 plant species and stunning views of the lake just five miles east of downtown in Bratenahl. You might not know that. Many people don't. Take advantage of the oasis so close to the heart of it all and feel like you're many miles away.

99. Hike in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Psst. There's a National Park that, if you live in Northeast Ohio, is probably about 30 minutes away. And what a majestic place it is, filled with options for the casual walker or experienced trekker, through forests, wildflower fields, around waterfalls, and all combinations therein.

100. Catch a Local Comedy Show: Cleveland is super lucky to have the robust local comedy scene it does, and no matter the night, you can catch a local act anywhere from a bowling alley to a brewery, from a club to a taco restaurant.

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