The Stafford Brothers Circus

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In response to Mr. Houston, who wrote a letter to the editor: My heart goes out to you and your family. You are seeing first hand how little the courts care. The domestic relations judges have no concern for people such as you. You are but a number to them. Don't delude yourself and think for one second that these judges care about you and the financial impact on you and your daughter. Nor do they care about your daughter and grandson's future. I wish I had the $3,000 to give you. But unfortunately, the judges and the Staffords will allow your case to continue until everyone is bled dry (financially and psychologically) ["Revenge of the Husband, January 24 and "Monsters of Misery Court," April 26]. If you have any chance of prevailing, it is going to be a very long and very expensive battle. I hope this does not become a case of justice delayed being justice denied. The Staffords practice their own version of domestic relations law and the judges go along with it. Are the judges concerned that if they followed the rules that every other court follows, that maybe, just maybe, the Staffords' clients might come up short? Of course they are. It's a mystery as to why the Staffords and their clients are given preferential treatment. If someone wants the Staffords to represent them, they should have to live with the consequences like everyone else. Instead, the judges rule their court using the rules that the Staffords dictate. The Staffords want the judge to order something—not a problem. They walk in with a prepared order and the judge signs it. No motions have been filed, no arguments have been heard.... And, of course, the judges never pay any attention to the fees that rapidly accumulate. The Staffords have been called every despicable name in the book. But as long as the judges hold the Staffords to a different set of standards, nothing will change. Mr. Houston, I pray that someone steps up to the plate to help you. I also hope that Cleveland Scene follows your case as well as other Stafford cases. The judges are elected and the voters should care about you and what happens. All you or anyone is asking for is a fair shake. Unfortunately, when the Stafford brothers run the show, it will never happen. For anyone walking into that circus tent of domestic relations, you will hear Vince and Joe saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up and watch how bullies win..." Sam Koepfer

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