The Ugliest Court in the History of Cleveland Basketball


When Gund Arena first opened, center court was decked out in a pattern that resembles what a middle-aged person might imagine multi-colored strobe lights at a rave would look like. Either that, or they just looked at the floor after a 5-year-old's birthday party, saw the streamers and confetti laying around and thought to themselves, "Hey, THIS is what an NBA floor should look like."

Factor in the tremendously misguided application of some regrettable shades of blue, the abomination of a logo during that tenure, and you have the single ugliest court in the history of Cleveland basketball. I'm guessing no one saved the actual hardwood that bore the design like they did with the Richfield center courts that are displayed at the Q now. Posterity doesn't need that pain. Thankfully the design only lasted three seasons.

(Thanks to Cavs History for the image.)

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