There Are Plans to Address Cars Illegally Parking on Public Square

"Future modifications and reinforcements will be noticeable and impactful"

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There Are Plans to Address Cars Illegally Parking on Public Square
Kevin Leeson

As the Group Plan Commission readies the $3.5-million Public Square bollard project, which will see the unsightly jersey barriers that have marred the park for years finally removed in favor of more functional, aesthetically pleasing safety infrastructure, it will also be working to address another lingering blight on downtown Cleveland's crown jewel: illegal parking on the square.

The $50-million renovation and reimagining of Public Square that debuted in 2016 hasn't exactly matched the vision or promise with which it was sold, but both the barriers and the parade of illegally parked cars have added insult to injury.

A Cleveland police spokesperson told Scene in 2018 that any vehicles on the square should be ticketed, but enforcement efforts have left those paying attention wanting.

Sanaa Julien, director of the Group Plan Commission, told The Land recently, in a piece covering the bollard project and more, that temporary parking is allowed for deliveries behind Rebol Cafe, which seems to be ground zero for offenders who take "temporary" to mean "all day," and for vehicles providing maintenance or landscaping services on the square.

“However, at no point has this area been considered approved for long-term parking,” she said. “Our plan includes a solution for protecting the needs of operations for both Rebol café and Public Square operations while discouraging all parking for reasons other than the stated capacity. We continue to work with our partners at Rebol and our vendors to ensure that their employees understand the permitted parking protocol, and future modifications and reinforcements will be noticeable and impactful.”

As for what those are in specifics and in timeframe, Julien told Scene it's too early to divulge details.

“We are currently in the design phase of our plan. We don’t have a date yet as to when the final design will be complete," she said. "In terms of what has been done – we know vehicles have received warnings, tickets and we believe may have been towed. We are not the enforcement agency – you would need to inquire with CPD regarding enforcement.”

Rebol owner Bobby George didn't respond to a request for comment.

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