There's an Instagram Account Devoted to Piss Jugs in Akron

We forget exactly how and when we stumbled upon @akrontruckerbombs, aka Piss Jugs of Akron on Instagram, but we were curious enough about the dedication and motivation of the mystery person behind the account that we fired off a few questions. Namely, what in the hell possesses someone to seek out and document various bottles filled with urine? Anyway, we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't find out the hows and and whys of the pee-venture and share it with you.

How did this start?

PJoA: I started when I snapped a picture of one and shared it. The next day I saw another and jokingly a friend said start an Instagram page. I did, and at first just added pics if I saw one. I quickly discovered I'd have no shortage of material and started posting one daily. I have enough pictures for the next week at any given time.

Do you take all the photos yourself?

PJoA: I take most of the photos. I'm not a photographer, I just use my iPhone. I also receive fan submissions and when I post those I make a note and give credit when possible.

At this point, do you actively search them out? Can you not drive down the road at any given time and not be scoping out every Coke bottle on the side of the street and wondering what's inside?

PJoA: I wouldn't say I actively look for them, they are everywhere. If I see a bottle and it looks suspicious I give it a second look and if it's a piss jug I document it.

Like you'll see something, stop the car or whatever, and go get a closer look?

If a bottle looks yellow and isn't a bottle that contains yellow liquid when you buy at the store, I check it out. I never touch them though, ha. My one rule is to not affect traffic — if I can't get a shot of the piss jug, there's always more. Safety first!

Good rule. Are there really that many? You've snapped a ton.

PJoA: Yes. There are. And this is just my immediate area! They are everywhere. If I had to guess it's people who work on the road: maybe Uber drivers, taxis, UPS? I'm not sure where they come from but they certainly aren't limited to off ramps or truck stops. Many of these are found in residential areas. I try to get the street in the background so you can get a feel for the area I find each one in

What a service.

PJoA: I find it silly and fun. It's gross, but hey, we all need hobbies.
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