This Cleveland Video Might As Well Be a Tourism Video But It's Not Because It's Better

At least that's the best way we could think of describing "Cleveland: A Million Stories" in a headline.

You know, Positively Cleveland could have saved all that money they gave to that company in Kansas City to come up with that slogan and instead just bought the guys who made this video a case of beer. Yeah, at times it feels like a four-minute craft summer beer commercial with a little too much Jack Johnson audio vibe, and it was only filmed over the course of one month and doesn't include a bunch of cool Cleveland stuff, but it's a nice roundup and super, super pretty to look at. Way better to look at than shirtless Michael Symon and a hashtag, but see for yourself. Like, we look way beautiful here. Take a look.

(Via Reddit) Filmmakers: Fernando Lopez, Stephen Cinch, Tim Figueira, Logan Hayes, Paul Francis, Adam Huffman.
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