Video: Actor in ISIS Costume Infiltrates Rock Hall, Shows How Easy It Would Be to Bring Ebola (or Whatever) From Canada to U.S.

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Right-wing documentary filmmaker James O'Keefe has made a short film meant to show the lax security on the United States' northern border.

In the video (below), an actor dressed as an ISIS soldier (with a British accent), carries with him bags signifying the Ebola virus and Ricin, a highly toxic, naturally occurring protein which figured prominently in Breaking Bad. 

"The water supply is over there," says the actor. "If we put it in there, it will kill a lot of Americans."

CNN reported today that in a recent poll, 90 percent of Americans say ISIS poses a threat to US safety, and O'Keefe says that America's northern border has become increasingly relevant now that several hundred British citizens, including (allegedly) the executioner of journalist James Foley, have joined ISIS, and citizens of the UK can legally enter Canada without a visa.

By the video's end, the ISIS figure walks up the new Rock & Dock and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, toting a mysterious duffel, and doesn't get stopped once. 

O'Keefe has done video stunts before, including a stunt last month in which he crossed the US southern border in an Osama Bin Laden mask, but the veracity of his claims and images were almost immediately debunked by Gawker, and notably chastised by Fox news

The U.S. Coast Guard External Affairs folks were already out of the office for the day when reached for comment. (Will likely have update tomorrow). 

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