Video: "Please Don't Leave 23" Stalks LeBron

As you've surely read by now, Austin Briggs (A. Gully) is taking his campaign to keep LeBron in Cleveland to the Q tonight for the Cavs vs. Knicks affair. Briggs will be handing out masks bearing the logo from his site for all the fans. While I'm fully behind the effort to get the voices of the masses directly to the King, and while I'm certainly impressed by Briggs' consistent and well-orchestrated marketing attempts (see: Witness mobile), I'm a little bothered by the lackluster logo. A crying Ohio? Really?

I guess I should be careful when lobbing even the minor criticism in Briggs' direction — this is what happened the last time I dared to do that (skip to the 2:15 mark).

Either way, best of luck to Briggs, who, for the record, I have a tremendous amount of respect for with nearly everything he does. Just not his music. The video below, however, much respect. Funny idea.

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