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Readers sound off on Lorain and sex

Own Your Body

The right thing to do is to tell your sexual partners what your status is if you know it ["Brandon Shullick, HIV Positive, Arrested for Not Telling Sex Partners," at the Scene & Heard blog]. But we must each be responsible for our own health. In health care, staff members are trained to treat everyone they encounter as if they were infected. So why don't we as individuals?

We have a case of four women here who chose not to protect themselves, period. If a person does not want to have safe sex with you and you are worried about getting infected, don't have sex. Don't wait around for others to take care of you ... it never turns out well.


Welcome to Lorain

I'm glad I don't live in that armpit, ghost town of a city ["Excessive Force," March 2, 2011]. I went through Lorain a few weeks ago to do some work. I soon noticed the place was crawling with cops. Each one gave me a look as I either passed them, or sat at a traffic light across from them, like I was on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List. I got very bad vibes (but no trouble) passing through that sh*thole of a city — unlike any I've had in my 56 years.


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