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Readers sound off on churches, casinos, and more

A Little Casino Humor

It's another home run for big business at the cost of charity ["Cashed Out: Local Charities Could Lose Big When the Horseshoe Comes to Town," February 29]. Maybe the Horseshoe Casino will care enough to donate to the charities. They could buy uniforms for the bands and equipment for the sports clubs. In return, the teams could all be named the Horseshoes in honor of the casino empire. Maybe in another world. Good luck to the charities.


A View From the Pews

Bishop Lennon needs to make a formal apology for not following the rules on something as important as closing churches ["Pope Posterizes Bishop Lennon; 13 Dead Churches Rejoice," from the Scene & Heard blog]. He has caused so much hurt in the Cleveland Diocese. He treats the church and its people as a commodity. He needs to resign in disgrace over this — and the churches that were illegally closed need to be reopened ASAP!

Embrace Life

Dishonor, Your Honor

This is wrong on so many levels ... Judge Joy Oldfield is married with two children, and Catherine Loya was the public defender assigned to Judge Oldfield's court ["Akron Judge Found in State of 'Undress' With Public Defender in Backseat of Parked Car, Denies Relationship," at the Scene & Heard blog]. It is beyond unethical and for sure is immoral.

Judges are supposed to have some boundaries and are legally held to judicial canons through the Ohio Supreme Court. If the Judge wasn't married and the public defender wasn't assigned to her court, nobody would care that they wanted to get their freak on. But that isn't the case. I feel bad for Judge Oldfield's husband and two young children. They are the innocent victims in this situation.


Faint Praise for Freaky Judges

The whole United States of America and every other country is corrupt. The world is a ghetto. Every form of government: federal, state, the counties and cities, and most all of their employees.

F88k this world and every asshole in it that is corrupt! You can start with the bankers, the freakin' thieves. Let the women have their fun; the men do!

JWkeepsitreal Real

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