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Readers sound off on Super Pimp and more

Lady Loves Her Pimp

My great-aunt once scolded our entire generation for being too serious ["The Soul of the Super Pimp," April 4]. "At your age," she would say, "I was out dancing every night" in pre-War Cleveland. Super Pimp is preserving the legacy.

Ann Malone

They Broke the Mold

We used to say that guys like Mike Toth were "characters." Cleveland needs more characters like Super Pimp.

Steve G

Too Much Pepper

In response to "Red Hot Chili Peppers Playing Free for Obama Fans at House of Blues," at the Scene & Heard blog:

I'm gonna save my dignity and opt out of seeing the Chili Peppers for free ... not worth it if it means losing face by being affiliated with the Obama campaign!

Alana Mastrangelo

No thanks. You guys are overrated. Kiss and Rush should be in way before you. Add to that the fact you're campaigning for the worst President since Carter, a communist with ties to racist ministers and domestic terrorists.

Tony Ragoni

I'll allow you to have uneducated opinions about the President's "communist" policies, but I am unwilling to let you allege that Kiss is even almost half as good as the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Seeing as how I don't think I could stand that much drooling from the sycophants, guess I'll be doing something worthwhile Sunday. Have fun though, little sheepies. Don't forget to tell us what bits of pseudo-intellectualism your Messiah imparts upon you.


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