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Readers sound off on Guy Fieri and more

On: "Good Energy: FirstEnergy's naming rights raise questions"

A company is not going to lay off people to make room on the books for a naming rights payout. Utility rates are very low at this point and have been for quite some time. $42K/person is also too low. First Energy pays out how much for this person's healthcare, pension, 401K, etc. Takes a lot more to employ someone. And the ones that were cut were higher execs, not the "$42K average."


On: "Ohio Shale Summit To Welcome Industry Glad-Handing Tomorrow"

I listened to the SOI program Monday morning and all the call in questions were from people who were facing health or other problems from fracking in their neighborhoods. No one on the panel was an expert in any of the health or environmental problems that come with fracking so the questions went unanswered. This in itself shows that the program was biased. This is not what we expect from 90.3 and Mike McIntyre. Thank you, Scene, for this coverage of an urgent matter to Ohioans.


On: "Keep Your Shitty Plates"

Not being funny, check out the city of Ohio's workers' vehicles. They are the ones who have plates you can't read...

If a police officer can not read the plate, they should treat it as a car with no plate and the person driving should get a stiff fine... that would make them change their plates voluntarily when they are no longer legible...

But let's start with the City of Ohio's employee's vehicles first...

Set by example...

Romaine Hill

On: "Couple Arrested After Arguing Loudly Over Best Guitarist, Slash or Eddie Van Halen"

What's sad is how they were both so profoundly wrong.

Camilo Jose Villa

On: "Beachland Boots Guy Fieri"

I can't stand that man, but speaking sarcastically as a gay man: Thanks for making it say "gay", especially in the context that gay means "stupid". That doesn't make you look like 3rd grade assholes one bit. I'm sure your other minority customers think it's hilarious as well.

Paul Disastro

Mr. Trattner, it seems to me we lack Mr. Fieri's side of the story. Or for that matter ANY corroborating narrative. Is that your idea of a fair and balanced story? The horribly sad thing is, I'll bet your proud of this one sided reporting. Fascism, alive and well at Scene magazine!


On: "GLBC Releases Surf-Themed IPA" Were you paid by Great Lakes Brewing to write this ad?

I'd rather just get a couple 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor for 2 bucks apiece. Union made to boot!

Ya craft beer scumbags who want me to pay an arm and a leg for a freaking beer.

Robert Mason

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