Woman Arrested After Flashing Inmates at Jail

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Andrea Musser understands that fellas in jail are desperate, lonely, and suffering from a serious lack of female contact. That, or the 19-year-old, who stopped by the Erie County jail this week to visit 19-year-old David Arden, has a streak of Lindsay Bluth in her.

The Sandusky Register reports that after Musser made her visit with Arden, which was not of the conjugal nature, she walked outside the perimeter of the jail. Officials watched as she "tried to communicate with someone inside the jail."

That's when she went all Girls Gone Wild, lifting her shirt and giving whoever she was trying to communicate with, as well as all the other inmates in that section of the jail, a show.

Deputies from the jail, after apparently enjoying the show themselves, sauntered over to Musser and arrested her for public indecency and criminal trespassing. No word on if her male friend was able to return the flesh favor.

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