Woman Discovered Hiding in Ceiling of Cleveland's Grayton Road Tavern

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click to enlarge Woman Discovered Hiding in Ceiling of Cleveland's Grayton Road Tavern
Courtesy of Grayton Road Tavern
Most businesses worry about keeping bugs or rodents out of their walls, but the Grayton Road Tavern can add "fully grown adult woman" to that list.

Known for its millionaire making "Queen of Hearts" card raffle, it appeared the woman was planning on robbing the place by hiding out in the ceiling until the bar closed for the night ... or perhaps liked tight, dark spaces.

General manager Jennifer Natale received a concerned phone call from her manager on duty just before 9 p.m. on Monday. Her employees noticed a woman had crawled up through a ceiling tile in the women's bathroom, crawled into the kitchen, and had not come back down.

Police reportedly arrived at the scene to apprehend the woman and told Natale that the intruder has a history of erratic behavior and has performed similar stunts in the past.

How many adventures crawling around in ceilings like Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club it takes to be considered "having a history," has not been defined.

Given the scorching 93-degree heat in Cleveland on Monday, the conditions of the bar ceiling could not have been ideal. Plus, the kitchen ceiling can apparently reach temperatures of up to 120 degrees.

Grayton Road Tavern owner Jim Page has a variety of security cameras set up around the bar, and he captured footage of the woman disappearing into the ceiling panels.

The woman was taken to the hospital by police.
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