Woman Flicks Off Newspaper Photographer at Scene of Minor Accident Because She Doesn't Want Photo in Paper, Newspaper Posts Pic Online Anyway


Throwing up the middle finger is a good way to ensure a photograph doesn't make your local newspaper in theory, but when the newsworthy moment isn't that newsworthy at all — for instance, a minor car accident — your reaction and the one-finger salute might just turn the ordeal into something a paper can't help but cover.

Take the case of this woman in Marblehead, OH, who didn't appreciate a Sandusky Register photographer trying to take pictures of her car accident. The mother argued that she didn't the photog's camera pointed at her or her kids' direction. The photographer told her it was a public incident in a public place and she was just doing her job. The standoff, captured for perpetuity, ended with this priceless snapshot.

The Sandusky Register posted the story online.

When Angie returned to get a couple photos, the woman was even more irate questioning Angela's personal ethics and then calling her a name that starts with a "b" and ends with an... Angela told the woman she had to get the photo as it was her job and assured the woman that her daughter's name wouldn't be in the paper as she was a minor. This did not change the woman's demeanor.

As you can see from the photo above, the woman told Angela to "put this in your paper" and stood in front of the car with both fingers in the air. She also put a young boy in front of the vehicle because the Marblehead police officer at the scene of the crash told the woman we couldn't put the photo in the paper if there was a minor pictured, advice that was not correct.

We can't help but applaud both sides. Well done, folks.

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