Young Jimi Hendrix Liked to Draw College Football Players

Sometimes it takes an outsider to remind you just how cool your own backyard is.

Take the Rock Hall, which Clevelanders like to poo-poo but out-of-towners tend to celebrate. "There probably shouldn't be a rock hall at all," we've heard them say, "But if there's going to be one, it's pretty damn cool that it's in Cleveland."

Paul Lukas, ESPN's uniform expert — yes, there is such a thing — recently toured the Rock Hall documenting all the sports-related memorabilia. Among our favorite tidbits that we've overlooked in recent visits: drawings by a then teen-aged Jimi Hendrix. Or James Hendrixs, as he signed them.

Deft little artistic touch there. And, like Lukas, we love that Hendrix denotes in the top right hand corner the colors are "EXACT COLORS." So nerdy.


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