Arctos Portable AC USA And Canada Reviews – (Scam Or Legit) Does It Really Work ?

These days, Portable air conditioners are an extraordinary, cost-effective and Eco - friendly method to cool down our home in the hot summer months. In recent years, Air conditioning technology has improved significantly and the days are gone when we need a traditional Air Conditioner installed in our home. As we know, installing a conventional air cooling unit is costly, time-intensive and creates too much noise while working, which is harmful to the environment. Fortunately we live in a period with consistently developing solutions. So today, we are going to present a best cooling unit in the world of personal AC units which is named as Arctos Portable AC. This cooling unit is a small Air Conditioner that gives cool air into your own space. This individual cooler is ideal for the room, office and other small spaces. The air cooler is created with thermoelectric cooling innovation which consolidates the power of an UV purifier that mix hot air into filtered and cold air. The device is injected with a filter that advances the filtration of air and it is really simple to install and use.

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What is Arctos Portable AC?

Its built-in light makes it best for outside activities like on the sea shore or setting up a camp. A water cooling system alone will cool your air, but the alternative of adding ice also chill the air instantly in your room. The actual device comes with LED light making it to work as a cooling device and a night light for dim areas. There is a tank that you need to fill in with water. Moreover, it is too small and compact than the standard A/C and silent than a normal fan that cools the air around you.

How Does it Works?

Arctos Portable AC uses a mechanism called thermoelectric cooling. This device utilizes semiconductors to change over electrical energy into thermal energy. This means that one part of the device cools the room temperature and the other part extracts heat because of the temperature difference. It requires no coolant and it's is full in portability and durability. This Portable AC includes some extra parts that are helpful in overall cooling experience. For instance, there are ice trays that can be utilized to quickly cool in pressure heat conditions. Furthermore, it has a water curtain for its soothing air. Lastly, the mister part can be utilized to moist dry air by infusing mist air into space, but the most useful thing is that, this air goes through an air purification process that removes the harmful dust particles.

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The Arctos device has a few highlights that make it different from other devices. Here are the some of the best features of this Portable AC:

  • It is Portable - Earlier on, we referenced that the Arctos climate control system is a portable device. It is an extraordinary component that permits you to utilize the device easily and enjoy its cooling impacts in any space you need to. You can move it anywhere as it is a lightweight device.
  • Extensive Water Tank - This is another incredible feature that makes this device outstanding. An open 450ml water tank permits you to enjoy the device without refilling. It implies that you can focus on your work as you utilize the device and you won't require filling the tank again and again, which saves you time.
  • Smooth Design - In the event that you like to decorate your room, this device permits you to add a touch to your room and still offers you the cooling impact that you need. You can put your device on any flat level surface and it will work completely.
  • A Quiet Device - Unlike the standard air conditioners that require installation, Arctos Portable AC can ensure that you can peruse and rest peacefully on the grounds that this AC cooler runs silently. You can put it anywhere you need and it won't upset others around you.
  • Simple to Maintain - As stated before, this Portable AC only needs you to clean it once in a while to ensure that it works successfully. The device comes with a 5V USB-A connector, so you don't need to walk around with wires for the climate control system to work. The coaxial port is situated on the back of the unit.
  • Budget-friendly Device - An Ordinary cooler can cost you much as you need to pay for installation, support services, electricity and still purchase the hardware. With the Arctos Portable AC, you can save money as you need to purchase the device and there is no support cost required. Right now, you can buy this device at a huge discount.

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  • Thermoelectric Mechanism provides rapid cooling within 30 seconds
  • No requirement for a technical expert to come and install it
  • Purifies the air to eliminate dust and different allergens
  • Capability to direct the air flow with adjustable fan settings
  • Ventilation and filtration functions change hot air into cool and fresh air
  • Saves money effectively by cooling small regions without consuming lot of electricity
  • Can Work in extremely hot conditions (kitchens, workplaces, vehicles, gardens)


  • If you see mold on the curtain, remove it and then change the curtain
  • When the device is filled with water, do not lie down, tilt or reverse to stop water leakage
  • If you are transporting with water, ensure that the base is parallel to the ground
  • To use immediately, soak the water curtain in water for about 45-60 minutes before inserting it into the device
  • If you are not using this Portable AC over a long period, it is suggested to empty the unit and remove the water curtain before placing it in storage

Usage Instructions:

Initially, you have to remove the device from the box. It doesn't need any effort to install it. The second step is to eliminate the water tank from the cabinet and pour it off with cold water. To keep water from getting away, you should put the water tank back in it. You need to charge the Arctos Portable AC before you can utilize it. Each unit comes with a USB Type C charging cable that you will require for the plug in. To start the device, press and hold the main button. Then, choose from any three fan settings: Low, medium or high and enjoy cool air. When the device is working, you can modify the device speed according to your preferences. You can select three different settings (it depends on you how cool air you want and at this speed) and also you can change the directions of the fan (say for instance, if you wish the air to blow towards your feet or your face).

Where to Buy?

Arctos Portable AC is right now available for purchase on the official site. You can pay for this Portable AC with PayPal, MasterCard, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Furthermore, enjoy secure payment process with Norton through Symantec and PayPal Verified. Moreover, the individuals who feel disappointed with the item can file a claim and get a full refund because each unit comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Once you've given your shipping address, the product is directly delivered to the given address. The manufacturer provides the buyer with a 60-day guarantee of satisfaction. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, for reasons beyond your control, then you can return it at any time within 60 days to receive a full refund or replacement, less shipping charges. To be eligible for a refund, the product must be in its original condition (unmodified and undamaged). It is also necessary to return the item in the original packaging.

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Conclusion: Arctos Portable AC

If you’re looking for a personal cooler that cools your own space instantly then, this air cooler is definitely for you. The Arctos Portable AC is specifically designed to be portable, flexible and easy to use for everyone. Whether you are using this cooling unit for work, rest, relaxation or general use around the home, this device is intended to keep you cool all summer long. Generally, this individual air cooler is eco-friendly and further develops air quality. It is relatively cheap in terms of money and an energy saving device. Within a short period of time, this Portable AC delivers a frosty breeze of cool air. You should simply charge it - before utilizing it. Now, you can say goodbye to large and horrible Air Conditioners obviously and start using this device today!

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