Best Delta 9 Gummies - Top 5 Delta 9 THC Edibles

If you loved how Delta 8 THC makes you feel, you must try Delta 9 or D9 THC. Manufacturers now extract the most potent cannabinoid from hemp and put it in tasty, chewy gummies. This cannabinoid is responsible for the psychoactive effect or high that users love from marijuana. That’s why we decided to rank the best delta 9 gummies by brand!

It seems illegal, but no. This THC distillate from hemp is all legal as long as it is under the threshold of 0.3% D9 THC. It can go in our favorite chewables. And here we are with our recommended D9 THC gummies that you will surely love.

Top Brands to Buy Delta 9 THC Gummies From Online

  1. The Hemp Collect - #1 Choice Overall - Best Delta 9 THC Gummies
  2. HiFi Farms - Top Runner Up - Premium Quality & Variety
  3. Botany Farms - Delta 9 Gummy - Editor’s Choice
  4. Home Town Hero CBD - D9 Gummies - Wide Variety
  5. Delta Urb Extrax - D9 THC Gummies - Honorable Mention

#1. The Hemp Collect – Top Pick - Best Delta 9 THC Gummies

Founded by a group of cannabis-dedicated women in 2018, this Oregon-based supplier started researching and reviewing clinical trials on how to bring out the strongest medicinal potential of CBD.

Nothing can compare to our confidence in the CBD products of Hemp Collect, especially Delta 9 Gummies: Vegan. They worked with ISO-certified testing labs to test the THC and cannabinoid content of Hemp Collect’s Delta 9 THC Gummies. Each piece contains 10 mg of D9 THC and follows the THC requirement in Farm Bill. This testing is made routinely, frequently, and by batch.

The best way to consume this highly-potent D9 gummy is to take it half or whole. You will start feeling it in like twenty or thirty minutes, but it can take up to an hour. The amount is enough to leave you functioning and focused unless you want to chill out or lift your spirit and socialize. However, we recommend taking D9 gummies before bedtime and not when you are about to drive or travel.

Key Features

High standards

Here is what we love about Hemp Collect D9 Vegan Gummies: Oregon-sourced hemp, multiple-tested, natural ingredients, no synthetic additives, and Farm Bill-compliant. At first, it is hard to think all these standards are achievable together.

The natural fruit flavoring brings out the juicy taste of these gummies. These flavors come from mixed fruits, and you would love their texture. It is not so soft nor too hard. Just the right chewiness comes from fruit pectin — a natural thickening agent. Also, the fruit pectin included in these gummies has a high melting point, ensuring that the gummies don’t easily melt in warm temperatures.

Now comes the delicately-picked Oregon hemp. They regularly perform batch testing to ensure the accuracy of D9 labels in the product. Before releasing their D9 vegan gummies, they made sure to have the precise formulation, test their accuracy, and ask for feedback. We have so much confidence in Hemp Collect.

Affordable product pricing

Amazingly, you can get all this goodness at affordable rates. You can get containers of ten or thirty pieces of mixed flavor gummies with pricing starting at just $20!. This amount is reasonable for the premium fast-acting calming and mood-enhancing goodness of premium-made gummies.

Fair policies

Hemp Collect has a reasonable money-back guarantee that favors unsatisfied verified purchases. But we doubt you won't be satisfied as this product is the most effective on this list.

Customer Reviews

The product is relatively new, which is why there are no reviews recorded on their site as of today. We have tried out other D9 gummies before this, and we can say that this, by far, is the most potent. They talk about the numbing of chronic and muscle pains. And some reported getting dizzy and drifting to a night of better sleep.

Hemp Collect Delta 9 Gummies Pros & Cons


  • Made from organic ingredients
  • No genetically modified compounds
  • Less than 0.3% D9 THC
  • Rich-spectrum D9 THC distillate
  • Doesn’t melt in high temperature
  • Kicks in less than thirty minutes
  • Displays COA on the D9 gummy order page


  • A new entrant for D9 gummies

Also, some of the D8 gummy customers like how the D9 gummies have a more effective hit than D8. Although there are few complaints to improve services, Hemp Collect still provides money-back assurance if there are such demands.

> Visit the Official Website: The Hemp Collect

#2. HiFi Farms - Top Runner Up - Premium Quality & Variety

HiFi Farms has already made a name for itself by producing the best Delta 9 edibles with gummies as the forefront. The company is carefully adding more options to give its clients a heafty variety of consumable hemp products.

Delta 9 Gummies from HiFi Farms are comparable to few if any other hemp gummies. They are all-vegan gummies that only contain natural flavors from terpenes. With each bite, you can taste its bursting flavors plus they are soft yet chewable. Aside from providing the best Delta 9 gummies, HiFi Farms also offers different Delta 9 edibles like cereal bars and super potent syrups.

The quality is outstanding because HiFi Farms only produces its hemp-derived products from the most potent and legal hemp plants. They source their hemp through good farming practices and delicately pick hemp grown in peak conditions.

Then, they manufacture THC edibles while following best manufacturing practices. On top of that, you can feel safe and secure knowing that HiFi Farms offer D9 edibles with certifications to back up their advertised cannabinoid content.

Key Features

Large Variety

One of the best 'assets' of HiFi Farms regarding its Delta 9 edibles is its choices. The brand gives a large variety of D9 edibles for more options. For example, if gummies are not your thing, you can choose some Delta 9 syrup. On the other hand, cereal bars are perfect for 'morning' people who love to wake up early and be happy and productive the entire day. Here’s a brief overview of what Hifi Farm’s currently offers for D9:

1. Delta 9 Gummies - For people who want to enjoy the benefits of Delta 9 and a sweet chewy treat. HiFi Farms offers tasty gummies with assorted fruit flavors, so every bit is a delight. The effects of gummies usually last from six to eight hours.

2. Delta 9 Cereal Bars - Power up your morning or afternoon with Delta 9 cereal bars from HiFi Farms. It's probably one of the most filling snacks to enjoy any time of the day. Whether you need a 'boost' while at work or something to make your day more enjoyable - D9 cereal bars are the go-to snack with uplifting effects. You can choose from fruity or cocoa flavor to match your taste. Effects usually last for six to eight hours.

3. Delta 9 Syrup - Transform your favorite drink or pre-workout smoothie into a high-potency beverage. HiFi Farms offers potent D9 syrup with fast absorption of about 15 minutes. Infuse beverages with Delta 9 THC, and feel its uplifting sensations. Choose from different fruity syrup flavors of cherry, grape, and blue raspberry. You can also pick cotton candy flavored syrup which was our favorite.

Deals & Incentives

HiFi Farms offers superb discounts and incentives on top of their potent Delta 9 edibles. If you're a first-time buyer, you can enjoy 20% OFF all items included on your first purchase. You can also receive a permanent 20% OFF all subscription products if you subscribe to their newsletter.

HiFi Farms even provides FREE shipping for orders $49.99 and higher! All orders come with a 30-day return policy if, for any reason, you are not happy with their product. Whether a defect or the wrong item, Hifi makes it easy to solve any order issues.

Easy To Navigate Website

If you want a seamless online shopping experience, you need a website that's easy to navigate. Fortunately, HiFi Farms makes everything a lot easier when you shop for your favorite hemp products on their website. You can easily browse various options and choose from many flavors and potencies.

Plus, you can check the lab results before checking out. More importantly, the payment options are flexible and secure. Thus, your private information remains confidential.

Customer Reviews

As one of the newest brands, there are few reviews for their Delta 9 edibles. But our study indicates that Hifi Farms is definitely on its way to becoming an industry leader. Check them out for yourself today, you won’t regret it!

HiFi Farms D9 THC Pros & Cons


  • Vegan and non-GMO D9 edibles
  • Compliant to 2018 Farm Bill
  • Sourced from high-quality hemp.
  • Various D9 edible options
  • Available third-party COAs


  • Newer brand (limited reviews).

> Visit the Official Website: Hifi Farms

#3. Home Town Hero CBD – D9 Gummies - Widest Variety

If you like to get high and be part of a good cause, try Hometown hero D9 Gummies.

Proceeds of their D9 gummies support charities and organizations for the veterans of war. How about helping retired soldiers with a few bottles of D9 gummies?

Now that you can help while purchasing gummies, let us see how Hometown Hero D9 gummies can be your go-to chewy relief.

If you go to their website, you will probably be confused with the so-many selections to choose from. They have diversified D9 products, and you can take D9 in other forms.

Now to the gummies, they come in different Live Rosin strains mainly and Select Spectrum.

Live Rosin Strains come in different flavors and levels of purity of the strain. So, you would see there is a premium set of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. They are pricier, but the quality is excellent.

When it comes to potency, it hits straight. The Live Rosin D9 gummies have a more calming, relaxing effect, while the Select Spectrum is more overwhelming and euphoric.

The Live Rosin variants contain 25 mg D9 THC distillates, while the Select Spectrum has 10mg D9 THC and 10 mg CBD. If there is anything to bother for the Live Rosin strain D9 gummies, that would be the terpenes amount not indicated in their COA.

However, their COA still shows that they follow the Farm Bill requirement of only 0.3% THC. A third-party lab tested these gummies, so you know the results are reliable.

Also, we love the varieties in flavor. However, if you are used to natural-tasting gummies, they might taste off. Their flavors can be problematic, but the potency is so high that you will not mind the aftertaste.

Key Features

Clean products

Home Town hero has been operating since 2015, and they practice clean and standard manufacturing processes.

They press hemp in bubble hash to extract D9 THC for Live Rosin variants. For Select Spectrum variants, they use C02 extraction technology.

Being experts in the field, you know they achieve the right state of hemp during extraction, making their products clean and pure.

We love them for their multiple tests conducted to ensure they produce a quality batch of D9 gummies.


There are so many variants to choose from. You can be loyal to one flavor, but be sure to take the hit.

The Live Rosin strains come in Indica, Sative, and Hybrid. One set of three for regular strains, and the other set of three for specialized ones. The flavors are mango, pineapple, and mixed fruits with pepper tones.

If you prefer D9 with CBD, there are three flavors: orange, strawberry, and mango.


Potency-wise, the Live Rosin variants, and Select Spectrum deliver the punch you need. It's strong and will bring you a calming bliss. However, it takes longer to come: about forty-five minutes. But for people with high metabolism, it can kick in twenty minutes.

Flavor-wise, even though many flavors are available, most of them have strong after-taste. Although bearable, you would still taste them on your tongue.

As for safety, they partner with DEA-accredited labs to ensure the accuracy of D9 THC levels in their packaging.

Customer Review

There is an adequate number of reviews for Hometown Hero Gummies. Most of them are satisfied with its effect and couldn't ask for more with the high potency. It relaxes people just the way they need and enhances their mood. The problem is just in the flavors: some taste more like medicine than natural-flavored gummies.

Home Town Hero D9 Gummies Pros & Cons


  • A variety of flavors and strains to choose from
  • Organic and gluten-free gummies
  • Hemp sourced from local farmers
  • Farm Bill compliant
  • Partners with independent, reliable DEA-certified labs


  • Gummies have a strong synthetic-like after-taste.

> Visit the Official Website: Home Town Hero CBD

#4 Delta Urb Extrax D9 THC Gummies - Close Runner Up

Delta Urb Extrax (formerly Effex) or Savage Enterprises are probably one the longest-running manufacturers of smoking goodness since 2013.

Their line of D9 gummies goes in different variants: Live Resin, Urb Extrax, and Chronix. But we will discuss the URB Extrax as it's one of the favorites. It comes in a 10-piece box or 25-piece jar, each gummy containing 10 mg D9 THC distillates.

Urb Extrax uses all-vegan ingredients. We love that their natural flavors are balanced and mouth-watering juicy in the mouth. They melt goodness in the mouth. If you take half of the gummy first, you'll start feeling numb to any pain. Taking the other half in another hour will put you in a delightful bliss. Getting stoned is natural. Your teeth get buzzing happily. If you have a high tolerance, you can start with an entire gummy.


Exciting flavors

With the organic ingredients, it’s quite a surprise Delta Effex D9 gummies do not have a bitter after-taste. It comes in exciting flavors: Blueberry citrus, Guavaberry, Kiwi Mixer, Peach Citrus Pomegranate, Sweet Watermelon, and Tropical Raspberry. Each one has an excellent blend, and we loved how it melts in the mouth. Balance without an overpowering taste.

Manufacturing process

Delta Urb Effex undergoes a very delicate process of separation of high-quality hemp extracts to mix with clean quality terpenes. They must monitor this process closely to follow the guidelines stipulated in the Farm Bill, which Delta delivers.

They prioritize taking clean terpenes to give off that mild cerebral high that most users aim for. And most importantly, they partnered with ISO-accredited labs to measure the accuracy of their distillates.

Customer Reviews

There had been positive feedback like locking them on the couch fully relaxed. Some even reported increasing appetite. Most of them loved the mindful peace, and of course, almost no one complained about the aftertaste. We also noticed that some of them took two gummies to get the stoned feeling they want.

Delta ExtraX D9 Gummies Pros & Cons


  • High-quality hemp source
  • Careful manufacturing
  • ISO-certified labs
  • Natural flavors taste yummy
  • Farm Bill compliant
  • Budget-friendly


  • It may seem weaker than the first three.

#5 Mr. Hemp Flower D9 THC Gummy Edibles - Honerable Mention

Mr. Hemp Flower is our last addition to this list. They are known for producing high-quality full-spectrum products. And we love how they included Delta 8 and CBD cannabinoids in their D9 gummies.

Coming in two exciting flavors: watermelon and blue raspberry, they have a good balance of cannabinoid content in each of their gummies.

  • 10 mg of hemp-derived pure D9 THC distillate
  • 8 mg of hemp-derived D8 THC distillate
  • Up to 15 mg of CBD in dry weight volume

With all these distillates, they can still comply with the 0.3% THC requirement in the 2018 Farm Bill.


Starter Packs Available

Although they come only in two flavors, they allow us to try their products first before getting an entire jar. They offer a 5-piece pack for your trial period. However, that's a good amount for a trial period to ensure we won't be asking for a refund.

Potent and Pure

The full-spectrum gummies have certifications to back up their advertised cannabinoid content. Looking at their website, you can obtain a copy of the COA and verify it yourself. It explains why the gummies are effective in providing that entourage effect you love with D8, D9, and CBD distillate, balancing each other out.

Customer Reviews

Customers reported help in pain, anxiety, and sleep management. They like the blue raspberry flavor better than the watermelon flavor. We have seen some reports of relief from health conditions like ADHD, B12 deficiency, and herniated disk.

Mr. Hemp Flower D9 THC Pros & Cons


  • Vegan and non-GMO
  • Compliant to 2018 Farm Bill
  • A pure and potent mix of D8, D9, and CBD distillates
  • Refund policies within 30 days


  • Limited variety
  • Limited flavors
  • The starter pack is a bit pricey.

How Did We Select the Delta-9 Gummy Brands?

Quality of Gummies?

First, we looked after the purity of the D9 distillates and other cannabinoids, which means we also looked after the manufacturing process of D9 gummies. Next, we noted the safe, vegan composition and guilt-free consumption. Next, we looked at the transparency of each manufacturer to disclose the cannabinoid contents of their product. And lastly, we took our experience as proof of the product's efficacy.

Hemp Source?

We prefer locally grown hemp, and we make sure to look at how they harvest, pick, and extract the distillates from hemp.

Professional Third-party Lab Testing?

All the D9 gummy brands in the list provide independent test results that we are unbiased and not manipulated.

Policies For Shipping And Returns?

We also took into account how manufacturers handle complaints. And most of them have generous refund policies. We love how they are responsive to queries. But I doubt anyone would complain about the potency and accuracy of distillates in our list.

Things to Consider When Buying Delta-9 Gummies

Lab testing - (3rd-party)

The importance of third-party testing vs. in-house testing is we have the assurance that the COAs issued are accurate and independent. In-house testing may manipulate the results of lab tests. Also, we want third-party labs to have certifications or accreditations from ISO or DEA.


First, we want American-grown hemp. American-grown hemp follows strict standards in farming. Next, the ingredients should be organic. We want safe ingredients with little to no chemicals.

Brand reputation

Brand reputation matters as we don't want to deal with brands that do not disclose the right amount of cannabinoids. They also observe correct manufacturing practices. With that said, we want their labeled products packed with certifications. And lastly, we want Farm Bill compliant manufacturers to ensure that products in our pockets or bags are legal and safe.


As much as possible, we want reasonably priced D9 gummies. There is no overpricing or underpricing as we don't want to deal with products with questionable quality.


Potency is the trait we all are looking for. We want to spend money on effective D9 gummies that work and are beneficial to our health and safety.

Delta 9 Edibles - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best Delta-9 THC dosage size?

For first-time users or those who haven't taken THC for a long time, start with 5 mg gummy or half of it. The move aims to measure how our body reacts to its effects.

If you feel you can take another hit, go for the other half after an hour.

2. Can D9 gummies have any negative side effects?

Side effects do not pose much threat if you take it in the right dosage and staying at home after ingestion.

Do not drive after taking D9 gummies. You can get dizzy or drowsy.

It will also increase your appetite, and you will feel thirstier as it can dry your mouth. It is pretty helpful in calming and relaxing effect for both the body and mind.

3. How long will it take to feel the effects of Delta-9 gummy?

Depending on your body’s metabolism, it can hit you in twenty minutes or longer. If you do not feel it after an hour, do not take one more gummy as it can leave you wasted. It will surely kick unless you are highly tolerant, then you are possibly not using it for beneficial use but psychedelic use.

4. Do I need a prescription to purchase Delta-9 gummies online?

No. If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, do not take this. If you have medical conditions, let your doctor know before purchasing D9 online.

The Takeaway - What Are the Best Delta 9 Gummies to Buy?

The most potent and effective in this list is Hemp Collect D9 THC Vegan Gummies. They use the best practices when selecting hemp for extracting D9 distillates. Their manufacturing process is high-end and geared to achieve quality standards for their finished product. They also employ the expertise of ISO-accredited labs to prove the potency and accuracy of their D9 THC distillates.

Overall, this, by far, is the most effective and most helpful for alleviating the effects of conditions such as seizures and pain. They are the most helpful in achieving ultimate relaxation. And we can’t stress enough how good it feels in the system after taking: overwhelming, euphoric, and balanced.

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