Best Ways to Pass Your Drug Test: Detox from THC “Weed” in 2021

Have a drug test you’re trying to make sure you pass? Fortunately, you’re in luck. We’re here to provide you with a variety of ways for how to pass your drug test. Learn how to detox from THC, regardless of whether you’re a heavy user or not. For any consumer that’s trying to pass a drug test, even if you’re given short notice, let’s dive into our guide on everything you need to know.

Of course, the answer is probably easy for some — just quit smoking weed. But for other users, quitting cold turkey just isn’t in the cards. And that’s okay! It is not a secret that cannabis is used by a plethora of people for a massive variety of reasons. Maybe you use it to eat, or dull the pain, or get out of your head, or feel less anxious around others. Whatever it may be, your reason is perfectly valid, and there are other ways you can use besides going cold turkey.

Let’s look at the alternatives you can use to detox from THC. The way you choose will determine how long it takes you when it comes to how to pass your drug test. In other words, some of these methods will be faster and easier than others. Either way, let’s dive in!

Best Products To Detox:

Quit Cold Turkey

We understand many people may be able to quit easily. And for those people, abstinence is an easy go-to method. Like we said, of course, it works for some people. You will have to bear in mind, however, that it takes time for THC to get out of your system.

Even first-time users may have THC in their system for 1 to 2 weeks after. For heavy users or those that have been smoking for years? You’re looking at 30 to 90 days before your system is completely clear. It’s quite a range, so do be sure to test regularly with an at-home test up until the actual drug test date. You’ll want to keep a careful eye on if you’re at least showing up clean on the at-home tests.

Also, everyone is different. Even some heavy users have the luck of THC cleansing from their system in just a few weeks. Meanwhile, light users that are relatively new to the industry might still take two months or more before they’re clean. Your body weight, age, THC tolerance, and many other factors all play a role in this.

Lemon Juice and Water

Lemon is one of the more well-known detoxes for marijuana and a variety of other toxins. A combination of lemon juice and water could help rid your body of the THC metabolites necessary to show up clean on a drug test.

You can use fresh lemons or just lemon juice, but it’s important to dilute it with water. Not only will it make it easier to drink, but you’ll also be able to rehydrate through the water.

If you throw some sugar in after that, you just have lemonade! Drink your homemade lemonade for as long as you can leading up to the test. Also, know that you’re going to be rather frequently. That’s part of the point!

Drink Cranberry Juice

One of the most popular at-home methods for clearing out your system relatively fast is by drinking an enormous amount of cranberry juice. This does involve you going on a tolerance break to some degree, but the cranberry juice helps the body rid toxins faster.

Combine this with electrolyte drinks and water to get the most optimal of results with this method. Just remember, it’s going to make you pee a lot. That’s a good thing, though! The more hydrated you are, the less likely THC will be to show up on your drug test.

The pros and cons of this are that your pee might show up as too diluted. If that happens, they’ll most likely reschedule the drug test. The good news for you there is that gives you more time to prepare to pass!


The biggest thing we love about PassYourTest is that the company has so many different options. They even have a detox shampoo for the most serious hair follicle drug tests. We’re here about detox drinks, though — you’re trying to figure out how to pass your drug test fast and easy.

We specifically want to highlight PassYourTest’s same-day cleansers, which have come in clutch for countless users. For extreme exposure, for example, there’s the Fail Safe Kit. It doesn’t get more self-explanatory than that! The Fail Safe Kit comes with both the Clean Shot, a fast-acting body cleanser, as well as Clean Caps, which are capsules to pair with it. A perfect combo, you can never go wrong with the multi-kit.

If you want to narrow in on the good stuff for you, though, the Clean Caps and Clean Shot both are also sold separately on the same platform.


Alternatively, the Mega Clean Detox Drink from TestClear is a go-to for many. You can include pre-cleanse pills, a marijuana test, or even a different test to go alongside your detox drink purchase, which we find optimally convenient. This is the kind of drink you take for supervised drug tests, which are pretty frequent.

TestClear raves about how you can minimize your toxin levels in one hour. It’s also effective for up to five hours, with the maximum peak effect at three hours. While it can be difficult sometimes to measure just when you’ll need that cleanser to come in most handy, it’s good to know something like this is so easily accessible.

Drink Pickle Juice

Same with cranberry juice — in fact, it almost works the same way. Countless heavy users swear by the power of drinking tons of pickle juice before a drug test. It helps trigger frequent urination, which means the THC and toxins are being dispelled from your body at a lightning-fast rate. Don’t ask us about an exact science, here - pickle juice just works. Again, combine with water or an electrolyte drink to ensure you’re getting the most hydration while you’re dispelling things from your system.

If you want an even more efficient method, combine drinking pickle juice and cranberry juice. No, probably not at the same time — that would probably not taste very good. But if you can stomach drinking cranberry juice and pickle juice throughout the day, you have an even greater chance of passing that drug test.

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Alright, this one might be the hardest to swallow — literally and figuratively. We know the idea of drinking apple cider vinegar isn’t the most pleasant. But you would be amazed at how efficiently it can clean your system out. Not just to detox THC, but for other toxins and pollutants, too.

The big thing about this is to make sure not to drink too much. Yes, there is too much apple cider vinegar that you can drink, because it’s still very acidic. Likewise, make sure you don’t drink alcohol during this cleansing process.

Dilute just one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a big glass of water and drink that, every day, up until the drug test date. You can also use these options in tangent with other drinks to help truly cleanse your system as fast and as effectively as possible.

Exercise or Sweat it Out

THC clings to the fat cells in the body. So, naturally, what’s a good way to dispel this cannabinoid? By ridding your body of some fat cells, of course! Exercising and/or sweating out the THC can do wonders for people that have some time to spare before their drug test.

Keep in mind, this works especially well for those with incredibly low body fat percentages. If you have a higher body fat percentage, you may not be able to sweat enough THC out in time. The higher your body fat percentage is, the longer this method will take before it effectively works.

Drink a Detox Drink

This is certainly the fastest and easiest method for how to pass a drug test. You’re not going to get easier than drinking a detox drink and just being done with it. Some even take just 90 minutes to work, which are perfect for when you need to detox THC fast.

Our Top Recommended Detox Drinks

We don’t want to leave you in the dark for which detox drinks to choose, though. There are PLENTY on the market, especially online. It can be daunting, even downright overwhelming, to try to narrow in on the right detox drink without any recommendations or reviews. We want to give you our top two recommendations for detox drinks to put you on the easier path. This is the easiest way you’ll get with how to pass a drug test.

FAQs for How to Pass Your Drug Test

Are Detox Drinks Guaranteed to Work?

Most detox drink companies have a money-back guarantee if you fail your drug test, so they’re intended to work. We still recommend using a variety of these methods to optimize your ability to pass your drug test, because we can’t guarantee that just one method will do the job. You’ll get your money’s worth or be able to get a full refund if your detox drink doesn’t help you pass, however.

How is THC Stored in the Body?

Like we said earlier, THC is stored in the body by clinging to fat cells. This is why sweating and exercise work so well against THC metabolites staying stored in your body. However, those with higher body fat percentages do have to note that that means THC will store in their body at a longer capacity.

Wrapping Up How to Pass Your Drug Test

In conclusion, we hope we were able to narrow in on the right method for you to detox from THC. Everyone is different, so it may take you some time to find the best combination that fits your needs. We hope you can make use of the detox drinks we recommended, as well as tackle some of the other alternatives we mentioned.

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