ChillWell AC Reviews: Best Portable AC Unit or Obvious Scam Ripoff?

ChillWell AC has set the portable AC market on fire this spring and summer season with its next-generation air cooling system that can go anywhere at anytime users need a refreshing blast of well-chilled airflow. The ChillWell AC is the top-selling portable air cooler available to buy that is said to thoroughly beat the heat, but is it a ripoff scam? Because of all of the advancements inside the portable air conditioners and personal space air coolers industry over the past few years, the ChillWell AC brand has emerged as a best-in-class product that offers more bang for your buck than any other portable AC option today.

Why ChillWell AC?

Mother nature needs to take a chill pill. The heat bar has been rising with each passing day. Due to climate change and global warming, the summers have become warmer, and the winters cooler. To beat that, there are tons of electronic gadgets that are available on the market. But it's difficult to find a trustable and cheaper option.

With time we have seen considerable evolution in gadgets that can cause a room to cool down, starting from hand fans to air coolers. Air coolers were first invented in 1922. They were used for air cooling in a theatre in Los Angeles.

It effectively pumped cool air from high vents. It controlled humidity and gave comfort thought-out the building. But not everyone can afford a good air cooler. So there is a need for an option that can be cost-effective and still not compromise on quality.

So now we have found one such option. Today we are reviewing a completely new air cooler. It's a fresh innovation. It's very different from generic air coolers and you can expect desirable results in return for the money you pay. This option is ChillWell AC. The company offers a portable air cooler that can keep you cool and fresh wherever you are and not just in the confinement of your room. So without any further ado, let's have a look at what this product is and how it benefits us.

What is ChillWell AC?

While general air conditioners just cool down the stale air present in the room, air coolers take up air from outside and cool it down before replacing the air present in the room. Air coolers are also more energy-efficient.

ChillWell AC has been designed very smartly. The very first impression it creates is the look that is very sleek and modern. It is a small compact device, unlike generic air coolers which are long boxes that require place and installation process.

ChillWell AC is a portable air cooler concept to help you be in a cool atmosphere wherever you go. Apart from that, it also has some additional features that are not generally found in generic coolers for this rate.

ChillWell AC also enjoys great consumer feedback. People are thoroughly satisfied with their product. This shows the reputation and survival growth of the company in the market. You can be well assured because our research and editorial team have run various sketches on the company and the quality of the product that they offer. With that said, now let's check the benefits offered by the ChillWell AC.

What Are The Benefits of the ChillWell AC:

Following are the benefits of the portable ChillWell AC:

Energy Efficiency:

Any product that can cause harm to the environment is a big no. You cannot allow the usage of a product that is using unnecessary energy. The climate around the globe has already seen a drastic change in a short period.

The hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) present in generic air coolers contribute to global warming on a large scale. Keeping that in mind, this product is crafted to be energy efficient. It uses 80%-90% less energy than bigger portable air conditioners. This helps in the conservation of the environment as they use a natural evaporative cooling method rather than others.


While we have seen generic air coolers that are the size of a chair or so, this cooler is handy. It has a handle. It's cordless. This means that it can be carried easily from one room to another, to the kitchen, or even outdoors like the park or a beach.

The official website says that you can say goodbye to generic coolers that took up a good corner of your home. The cooler comes with a USB wire for charging. Apart from that, there are no cords. You can use the cooler for hours with just one charge.

Rapid cooling:

Apart from being small in size, this product has worked immensely well in terms of time consumption. While a lot of coolers take a considerably long time to cool a room, this small box can cool a room very rapidly. Instead of focusing on cooling the stale air like air conditioners, the machine works on cooling a specific section and then the surroundings. It also has movable fans in the front to target an angle for cooling.

This product is good with small as well as big rooms. It doesn't take hours to cool down a room. So if you have had a tiring day, you can expect an immediate cooling meltdown rather than waiting for a generic machine to work within a few hours.


Average generic air consitioners cost more than $800 and require installation and services every year. Parallel to that, ChillWell AC costs one-tenth the price and doesn't require any installations. Air conditoners can also take up a lot of your electricity resulting in high bills.

But ChillWell AC has seen a drastic reduction in utility bills as said by a few consumers to be honest. You don't have to pay any long bills each month and you can still just continue charging and using it without any thought of budget issues.

Custom features:

This air cooler comes with quality and functions like no other. While the price range suits all the income groups, this product also works well in terms of speed modes. There are four modes namely low, medium, high, and turbo.

They have adjustable fans and fan strength. This can be useful according to the size of the room and according to the number of people in the room. The modes of speed can be useful for long-run usage as well.

Mood lighting:

Apart from the sleek and modern design, one such unique feature is the night lights. The AC has a very small compartment on the top that can emit different colors of light in the room as per your choice.

The color options available are blue, red, yellow, white, teal, purple, and green. You can even have a full-color cycle. Apart from that if you don't want any colors, you can continue pressing the color button till it turns off. These night lights can be proved as a good option for a child's nighttime routine. They can also aid in locating the product in darkness.

Easy to use:

Generic air coolers ask for a lot of management. Not only do they need a proper installation and space but they also need proper servicing. This product is very easy to use and it doesn't require any installation. You can start and shut it with buttons on the top and adjust the fans as well. It's very easy to use as it doesn't even require much maintenance and servicing. You just need to change the water regularly. The cooling cartridge can be changed within 1-3 months, depending on your use.

So, the above-mentioned are the benefits of a ChillWell AC. It is portable, chargeable, provides good cooling, and comes with a good design. It is also well on the pocket in the long run.

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Mechanism of the product - Evaporative Cooling:

The ChillWell AC works on an Evaporative Cooling mechanism. This mechanism is highly important for areas where the relative humidity levels are low, just like in some parts of the USA. This mechanism works in raising the internal humidity level and thus aids in rehydrating the skin and treating sinuses. Now let's check how this mechanism works.

The ChillWell ACs evaporative cooling method uses outdoor air over water pads. Now the water in the pads evaporates, lowering the temperature and sending in cool air into the rooms. Air conditioners on the other hand use the same air again and again after cooling it, while this mechanism uses fresh air.

During mild weather, these ACs can be used as fans for the whole house. They require a minimum of two-speed modes, whereas our ChillWell has four-speed modes. This product has control over temperature as well as humidity.

This evaporative cooler mechanism requires a check on the machinery every season. In summers, when it is most used, it might require more frequent servicing and change of water pads or cartridges as they say. Their maintenance depends majorly on the usage of the product and how is the climate around the house or the place in general. This is said to be the best air cooling mechanism in recent times.

Comparison with other coolers:

No product comes without a drawback. While the level of the drawbacks may differ, it's better to be aware. While the product is made sure to be void of any major negatives that might be found in general air coolers. Its quality and prices are both affordable though.

Sometimes the air coolers might be noisy. Due to their mechanism, the air coolers by ChillWell have no noise. They can be well hidden by the eye very easily. They don't give out any unwanted noise.

Some generic air coolers are not very powerful and speedy to cool down very large rooms. But ChillWell AC is very high-end in terms of quality and speedy cooling even in small to medium-sized areas as it is specifically designed to cool the rooms very fast.

While the large-sized generic coolers have big water tanks that can be a survival ground for several creatures, this compact portable AC has a 550 ml water tank that can help with quick and easy water changing processes. In addition to that, it also allows the usage of ice cubes. The tank is very easy to clean as well.

This makes it very easy to maintain. Humidity affects the efficiency of the general coolers. This product however is technically made to ensure that it keeps the air moist and doesn't get affected by humidity. The greatest proof of that is the customer reviews. People have been using it at maximum power for a long night and still, they don't feel any compromise on performance for months.

So to conclude, this product is well away from general coolers and it contains no drawbacks as such. It is great for its price and it works exceptionally well in terms of performance. Everyone can use it without any concern about the budget.

How Much Does ChillWell AC Cost?

The ChillWell AC comes for one-tenth the price of the normal air conditioners. Owing to its quality, design, and performance it's very easy to not miss out on this deal. The official website of the portable ChillWell AC company also has an ongoing 55% discount on the product for a limited period. If you decide to buy the product in more quantity, you can expect more slashed prices. While one product comes for $90, 2 come for $180, 3 for $202, and 4 for $270.

These prices are very low in comparison to the big coolers that won't even be providing you with that many light options or energy efficiency. Over that, the company is also offering a money-back guarantee. So if by any chance, you're not satisfied with the product you can easily return it and get a refund without any questions asked.

The process of payment is also very easy. You can just choose your pack, provide your address for shipment, make the payment through various payment gateways that are available, and your order will be placed. An additional shipping charge might be applied to your bill depending on your location. The process is very safe.

So to say the least, this company has made an all-rounded product with the best pricing and quality in comparison to the general air coolers or air conditioners. It's acceptable that you might feel skeptical over the quality of the product because of the prices and an increase in fraudulent activities. But to keep you assured, the final call from the manufacturer is the money-back guarantee. This ensures that you're choosing the correct option from the correct place for the correct price.

How to choose the best air cooler?

There are a few things that you can take in mind before choosing an air cooler for yourself. After looking at the benefits and drawbacks of a portable air cooler now we see what portable cooler can you get that can be best suited for your needs. The following are some points you can consider for the same.

The climate of your residence should be taken into consideration. If the climate is mostly dry you can go for an evaporative cooler. If it's mostly humid you can opt for a fan.

You should consider the size of the cooler according to the size of the apartment. If you have a small one you should opt for a small desktop cooler or so.

Instead of using plastic which is generally used for household gadgets, you should consider using ABS plastic which is tougher and better.

You should check the filters used in the product that you're buying as well. Along with that, you should also check the required level of cleaning.

Lastly, you should give a good check on the energy consumption of the product.

So before you buy an air cooler make sure you tick off all these from the list. This will land you with the best option for yourself and your place.

There is also the immediate threat of avoiding all of the ChillWell AC scams online, which can be done very easily by only ordering from the website. Because the portable ChillWell AC unit is the top-selling personal space cooler on the market, there are many ChillWell AC ripoffs and fake counterfeits on third-party websites that all consumers should avoid at all costs. Not only is the customer-friendly money-back guarantee and refund policy upheld by the official ChillWell AC company, but you can guarantee to get an authentic ChillWell AC unit as there are no other authorized vendors of the ChillWell air cooler.

Final Word: Should you Buy the ChillWell Portable AC?

Even though there are several air coolers available on the market, most of them look big and rough and are not very pleasing to the eye. They cost enough as well and are not near as affordable as the ChillWell portable AC. Also, they take up space in small apartments and need servicing from time to time.

Instead, the ChillWell AC is a worthy option to exercise because it offers the best of both worlds in terms of personal size and optimal functionality. The small mini portable AC product works immensely well for its size dimensions given its tech specs and overall features reviewed above. It doesn't require any servicing and it's very compact to be hidden as well when not needed. With the growing shortage of space and money for consumer goods, this option is great for all income groups given everyone can customize their immediate, direct environment how they see fit. Not only is this an economical option it is also better in terms of providing cooling in a very energy-efficient way, it could also imply less harm to the environment means less harm to us.

Rather than investing in portable air conditioners and mini air coolers that cost more and work less, ChillWell AC is a very good investment as the company also gives a two month money-back guarantee. If by any chance you're not happy with the product and satisfied with its output, you can easily ask ChillWell AC customer service for a refund. The amount you paid for the product will be refunded if you apply for a refund within 60 days.

The consumer reviews and the money-back guarantee both make the ChillWell AC a quality choice to make if you are on the hunt for a well-chilled air flow cooler that optimizes your personal space quickly.  The confidence of the company in their product is visible by this as this is not their first air cooler in the space, but it is their latest and greatest to hit the digital shelves online. Also, this company really specializes on portable AC units and puts the focus on optimizing the product for the end user. They have a pack of 1,2,3, and 4 ChillWell portable AC options to choose from. The pricing of the AC decreases with more quantity you purchase, going from $89.99 for 1 to low as $67.50 for 4 units.

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So is this product is worth investing in? It will help you beat the heat like never before and is the top-selling portable air cooler on the market!

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