Best Of 2005

Best TV Weathercaster: Mark Johnson, WEWS-TV, Channel 5

Dick Goddard will leave the airwaves someday. Though the reigning king of Cleveland weathercasts has a deceptively immortal appearance - thanks to a layer of orange-tinted makeup that puts Tammy Faye to shame - no one lives forever. And when Goddard finally heads heavenward - partly cloudy, with a 20 percent chance of precipitation - Mark Johnson will be there to assume the mantle of celebrity weather guy. Johnson started with the ABC affiliate in 1993 and within 10 years became chief metereologist, thanks to his rapid-fire delivery. The Emmy Award-winner's enthusiasm for sun-soaked, five-day forecasts is contagious. His flamboyant gestures when he's pointing out low-pressure systems add showmanship to his on-point predictions. It's no wonder he was voted one of the area's 50 most interesting people by Cleveland Magazine two years in a row ('97 and '98). Yes, Goddard deserves his place in Cleveland's history, but Johnson is our future - and you don't need a Doppler 5000 to predict it.