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Best Dive Bar: ABC

Best Dive Bar

Before West 25th Street was the West 25th Street that you know (and maybe have mixed feelings about), ABC the Tavern was ABC the Tavern. It's still got one of the most extensive and generous happy hour lists in the city — $1.50 Genesee Tall Boys — a working bar bowling machine and a balcony area with a big-screen TV showing all your favorite sporting events in standard definition. It's part and parcel of the charm of one of the few regular ol' bars in Ohio City. We're relieved to report that ABC's bathrooms no longer look like crime scenes in Manila's red light district, and we admit that we belong to the partisans who consider the Atomic Dog, pound for pound and dollar for dollar, among the best three menu items in the city.

1872 West 25th St., 216-861-3857,

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