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Best Tacos/Happy Hour: Barrio Tacos

Best Tacos/Happy Hour

In the five years it's been rolling, Barrio has done for the taco what Melt did for the grilled cheese sandwich: democratize it and spread its blessings throughout the region. Sure, we've all been eating and enjoying tacos since we were old enough to bite through a crispy corn shell, but when they are dished up in surroundings as festive as these, the food takes on a whole new light. Thanks to a world-class lineup of craft draft beer, smashing margaritas and munchies-killing tacos, Barrio is tops on our list for happy hour, when this place truly shines. The fillings, sauces, toppings and sides serve as the ideal transition from workday to free time, when the day's concerns melt away like so much queso.

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