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Best Gift Shop: Salty Not Sweet

Best Gift Shop

If you're a decent human being, then you find numerous occasions through the year (to say nothing of the week) to give gifts to your children, your friends, strangers on the bus, your dog, your accountant, Dolores who empties the trash cans at the office every evening, Mayor Jackson when you're feeling really good about the direction of the city, and even your wife sometimes. We've said it before: Salty Not Sweet's tables of deliciously scented soaps, locally made coasters, and beer glasses are swoon-worthy, not to mention off-wall art and those holy candles but instead of Jesus, Kevin Love or Corey Kluber. This store has been holding down the heart of Ohio for years now, and we think it should be the first and only place you visit when a gift-giving occasion arises.

2074 West 25th St.,

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