30 Classic Cleveland Commercials That Will Make You Laugh, Groan and Feel Nostalgic

Throughout the years, local companies have blessed us with a plethora of unforgettable commercials and jingles. Some are timeless. Many of them will make you laugh and groan. Some are still around, others have long joined the dustbin. Either way, these classic Cleveland commercials are the nostalgia trip you need today.
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Garfield 1-2323 from The Home Corporation

Patio Enclosures from 1993

IX Indoor Amusement Park From 1993

Discount Drug Mart Saves You The Run Around From 1990

Ted Henry From WEWS Channel 5 From the 1970s

Mr. Hero Commercial From 1976

Southgate USA From 1976

Lawson's 'Big O' Orange Juice From the 1970s

York Steak House From 1980

Hey Culligan Man From the 1970s
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