The Most Famous Cleveland Browns Fans

Celebrities, they're just like us. They also root for futile football teams that only have made the playoffs twice in 23 years. These famous people also root for the Browns, just like me and you.
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Kid Cudi 
"I'll always root for the Cleveland Browns...That's how we do it in Cleveland."

Kid Cudi
"I'll always root for the Cleveland Browns...That's how we do it in Cleveland."
Rice is a life long Browns' fan who was even rumored to be up for the head coaching vacancy in 2018, even if those rumors were eventually unfounded. Rice's fandom is due to her father being a fan.

The Cleveland native Carey is a lifelong Cleveland sports' fan. “Every Sunday, the Browns were on at my house,” he told Channel 5 in 2021.
The famous wrestling personality is a diehard Browns fan. "A lot of people are asking how I became a @Browns fan. When I was seven years old my family moved from Memphis to Amherst, Ohio. Lived there for eight years and became a lifelong @Browns and @Indians fan," Lawler tweeted in 2020.

The NBA star grew up in Canton and has played for the Portland Trailblazers and New Orleans Pelicans but still reps the Browns. McCollum tweets during most games and even has tried to recruit players like J.J. Watt to Cleveland.
The legendary chef is a die-hard Browns fan and season ticket holder. Symon often talks about the Browns and tailgating and growing up going to the Muni lot.
MGK might not be the biggest sports fan in the world but he "reps Cleveland till he dies".
Hailing from Euclid, the former two-time heavyweight UFC Champion is a huge Browns fan. Miocic can be seen attending games often. He even trained with Myles Garrett before the 2019 season to help get Garrett ready for the season.
The country music star came to Browns training camp in 2018. He became a fan of the team when he was growing up and was enamored with Brian Sipe and the Kardiac Kids and even dressed up as Sipe for Halloween multiple times.
Parma native and world famous WWE wrestler isn't too busy to come home to Browns games to be a sideline reporter, like he did in 2018. He also represented the Browns at the 2022 draft.
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