Orale Contemporary Mexican Kitchen in Ohio City Closing This Sunday

You've enjoyed their salsas and empanadas and assorted Mexican goodies at Orale's West Side Market stand, and hopefully you've enjoyed their full-fledged menu at the brick-and-mortar restaurant across the street on West 25th. If you haven't enjoyed the latter, hurry up and go before Sunday because Orale's Contemporary Mexican Kitchen is closing for good after this weekend.

The stand isn't going anywhere, to be clear. And with the restaurant, which had been open for about six years, now taking up less of the chef's time, the stand will now be open every day that the market is. (It currently hadn't been.)

"It's going to be hard to let it go, of course, because that's what I that I live for," owner and chef Roberto Rodriguez told Cleveland.com. "But at the same time, it's time to move on. I'm old. I don't have to energy anymore to do this and I'm just going to focus on the market and catering."

Not only will the West Side Market stand be open five days going forward, Rodriguez will be offering some new items, so look for that. 

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