Amy Winehouse Caught Smoking Crack. What Took So Long?

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So far, Amy Winehouse has our vote for Crack Head of the Year.
The new year is already three weeks old, and Pete Doherty still hasn’t made headlines for shooting up, hurling tainted blood at photographers, or letting his cat take a toke of his crack pipe. Needless to say, this is no way to start 2008. Thankfully, Amy Winehouse is still a mess. She jumped out of the gate in the race for Crack Head of the Year this past weekend, when she was caught on tape smoking rock. According to The Sun (the U.K.’s version of National Enquirer), Winehouse went on a 19-minute binge that also included pumping old stand-bys like cocaine and ecstasy into her scarily emaciated body. Maybe she won’t show up at next month’s Grammys after all. ...
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