Danzig Days: Thrash Thursday, Chuck Biscuits RIP

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The Misfits’ controversial swan song, 1982’s Earth A.D./Wolfsblood mini-LP, was a seminal moment in the convergence of hardcore and metal. It’s popular — except with Misfits fans and the people who made it.

The Misfits recorded the album while the band was collapsing. The group tracked the songs after a gig one night, blitzing through them and recording with SST engineer spot while songwriter Danzig slept. Danzig later took the tracks and mixed the album into a tsunami of feedback and distortion.

Longtime fans felt burned by the band’s departure from singalong, melodic material. The album is full of crossover tunes like “Death Comes Ripping” (above), with a couple slower tracks like “Bloodfeast” whose poignant power was hard to deny, even for skeptics.

Original Danzig band drummer Chuck Biscuits passed away last week, succumbing to cancer. He was considered one of the better punk percussionists and had played with Black Flag, Social Distortion, DOA and the Circle Jerks. He also contributed drum parts to Run-DMC’s Tougher Than Leather. Biscuits’ beats were the bedrock of Danzig’s early records — click here for “The Hunter” from the self-titled album. And click here to see him in action, playing the Samhain version of “Horror Biz,” followed by “The Hunter” live.

He was also way into cereal. RIP. —D.X. Ferris

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