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Ben Schigel lays it out for you.

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Ben Schigel
Before Ben Schigel produced Chimaira and Drowning Pool, he led Switched to a major-label run, selling 175,000 copies of 2002's Subject to Change. Switched headlines the Odeon's final show Tuesday, February 28.

What have you been listening to lately?

Truthfully, I haven't really been listening to music. I listen to sports-talk radio and jazz (90.3). 1100 AM is my favorite station. I'm a sports junkie. Go Cavs!

What do you think a producer's role in making a record should be?

Make sure you and the band have fun. I've found that the more fun you have, the better the record comes out. Also, you want to make sure the right material gets chosen for the record, and that you get a really strong vocal.

When has a producer not earned his money?

If the label and the band are really unhappy with the recording.

What's the best-sounding Cleveland album you didn't work on?

I'd have to say Mushroomhead's last record. I thought the quality on that was pretty damn good.

What's the best Cleveland record for sustaining a mean, bad, angry mood?

Ringworm's latest record, Justice Replaced by Revenge. It's pretty raw.

Are you surprised at nu metal's second wave of popularity? Or didn't the first one really end?

I don't really know. I never really followed it or follow it now. I'm not really into cliques. I just try to be myself and take it from there. That's what's kinda weird to me about genre-categorizing. People are into the fashion of it now more than the music. Kinda like, "I thought their belts and hair were definitely better on the first record, so that's the one I like."

What's your favorite Odeon memory?

When Béla Fleck played there like 10 years ago. They are just a fucking amazing band, and I was really close, so I was right in the action. Oh yeah: They had really cool clothes on too.

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