Bissinger: It's Irresistible To Make Fun of Cleveland

Yeah, please let this guy talk more. Please.

From Richard Deitsch's latest media column:

"It's irresistible to make fun of Cleveland," Bissinger said. "They do lead the league in defensiveness. I'm sorry; it is irresistible to make fun of them. I don't mean to be a provocateur on LeBron, but I have had some experience not only with him but with the people he knows. I think he is looking for a reason to stay in Cleveland. I don't think he should stay in Cleveland, but I think he really wants to stay there if he can figure out a way, and obviously that way is for them to do something. I don't think he wants to go to New York. Some people want him to go. I talk about LeBron because I feel I have some basis of knowledge."

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