Excerpt from LeBron's "Shooting Stars"; Book Review of "Shooting Stars"


The Summer of LeBron continues this week as "Shooting Stars," co-authored by LeBron and Buzz Bissinger, hits shelves today. As if you weren't going to find out enough about LeBron and his high school teammates at St. Vincent St. Mary with the documentary "More Than a Game" — slated to premiere in October — you can also immerse yourself in LeBron's teenage yesteryear with a book.

Vanity Fair has an excerpt, which you can read here, that tackles a little bit of the relationship between Coach Dru and his players. Nothing groundbreaking, but, ya know, it's there. (The actual mag will have photos of the "Fab Five" by Annie Leibovitz. I'm assuming they will be less controversial than the last time the acclaimed photog and LeBron worked together.)

I haven't had a chance to sit down with the book myself, but here's the first full review that I've come across (thanks to WFNY) that eschews the general "it's a motivational, moving, story... now here's a bunch of quotes from LeBron" angle. A pertinent excerpt:

Not that such differences of age, race, class, and geography are impossible to overcome, just that Bissinger strikes me as an especially unlikely candidate to accomplish the feat. (He may have his doubts, too.) Not that he had an easy task as, on the basis of the book, LeBron James has no interest in revealing anything of himself. The combination leaves the reader with Bissinger, in an attempt to overcome the absence of particulars to report, providing a tonally unconvincing (and generically "literary") account of James's life spun out of the occasional telling detail presumably provided by the book's putative narrator via interview.

Sounds about what I expected, but I'll let you know my thoughts once I finish the tome.

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