I-X Center Getting Rid of Iconic Ferris Wheel

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I-X Center FB
The ferris wheel is coming down

The I-X Center's iconic ferris wheel, which has delighted Clevelanders since it debuted at the auto show in 1992, will delight no more in a few months.

Industrial Realty Group, the new operator of the expo center and a company that, it is now clear, hates children, announced yesterday that the 125-foot-tall ferris wheel doesn't fit future plans and will be removed.

"For 30 years, the building's 125-foot-tall Ferris Wheel has been a centerpiece during many events at the I-X Center. As we begin renovations this Spring, the Ferris Wheel will no longer remain within the footprint dedicated to our consumer events and trade shows. It is our hope that this iconic treasure of the I-X Center will have a new home and continue to create memories for generations to come," a spokesperson said.

Effective immediately, the ferris wheel will no longer operate.

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