Kan Zaman to the rescue

As smokers brace themselves for the new statewide smoking ban, which goes into effect on December 7, it's nice knowing that at least one place in Cleveland will allow you to continue to support the starving tobacco farmers of North Carolina. Kan Zaman, a Middle Eastern restaurant on W. 25th, will continue to supply hookahs to its customers after the ban. That's because don't use tobacco — just herbs and natural flavors. Beggers can't be choosers, right? Better yet, the restaurant may continue to allow actual cig smoking as well. "The health department told us that, because we're privately-owned, we can do whatever we want," says Jenny, a Kan Zaman employee. "What my boss will decide, I'm not sure, but if he wants to keep it, he can." We're not sure if she got that last part right, but if anyone knows of other "private clubs" that will offer smoking to customers, post them here as a service to your fellow smoker. -- Denise Grollmus
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