More Freebies, Less Blasphemy
During the past ten years I have picked up Scene every Thursday to see if there were any contests or free movie passes in it. I don't read any of the articles or ads. Truthfully, I find some of them distasteful and offensive, so I just glance quickly to look for a coupon. Lately I have been having a problem with one in particular. The one in question is "Jesus of the Week." I am a Christian and I find this very hurtful. Whoever designed this cartoon must not be a Christian--no Christian would want to make a joke of our Lord. I know that I am just one person, but I would prefer that you discontinue this from your magazine.

PS: Today was the last day I looked in your magazine and I will tell others not to also.

Mary Anne Crespo
Garfield Heights

M105 Did Its Share
Unbelievable! In response to the letter written by Allen Barnes (November 19), who said he was an intern at M105; sorry, Allen, but I don't remember you, and I am sure I never asked you one question about any bands, local or national. I worked at M105 for more than seven years, most of them being afternoon drive, and as far as your inaccurate statements go concerning M105 never playing local groups or independent labels, you are way out of line.

M105 wasn't perfect, but then again, I don't know of a radio station that is. I do know that we did play a ton of local artists and broke many independent bands. Some of the local bands M105 played were, for example, Wild Horses, Breathless, Love Affair, American Noise, Euclid Beach Band, Moonlight Drive, Exotic Byrds, Champion, and more. M105 was also the first to play groups like the Cars, Rachel Sweet, and the Pretenders. I personally installed a feature called "The Cleveland Classic" that featured local bands of the past like the Glass Harp, Damnation of Adam Blessing, Cyrus Erie, Baskerville Hounds, the Charade, Rainbow Canyon, Circus, the Choir, Fayreweather, Rastus, early James Gang, Tiffany Shade, and December's Children, just to mention a few.

I don't know what radio station you were listening to while interning at M105, but it certainly wasn't us. You are the real joke for writing such a letter filled with false statements. Next time, get the facts, Jack!

Bill Stallings
Moreland Hills

Attach Corporate Logo Here
All these years of playing music, I'd always believed that the true measure of success for a musician came from the joy of playing the music, entertaining the crowd, and (hopefully) making a decent living out of it. After reading a recent Scene interview with Colin Dussault ["Bud Man," November 19], I discovered I was wrong, as usual. It seems corporate sponsorship is the true name of the game.

In light of this fact, I've scurried about this week in an attempt to become a more "successful" musician. I've now accumulated the following endorsements for my band:

1. Metamucil--to be moved by the music
2. Geritol
3. Ensure--it takes a lot of vitamins to keep going
4. Depends--so I can minimize break time
6. Viagra--a real stand-up company, a real "Johnny-on-the spot"
7. The Lay-a-Day Escort Service
8. Lakeview Cemetery--to complement the two previous endorsements

I'd like to tell you that it's done wonders for my career. Of course, I'd like to.

All in good fun, Colin.
Bill "Mr. Stress" Miller

Wake Up, Clevelanders
Let me see a show of hands: How many of you actually think that the "Bustout," I mean "Buzzard," 100.7 WMMS, is actually going to give $1 million to somebody who calls and gives his birthday first? If they were sincere, they would announce the birthday, give you ten minutes to call, and throw your name into a hopper to be drawn at a later date. Do you really think they are going to give away a million bucks just like that? Hardly! See, it's another one of their ploys, marketing schemes, or tricks. With the new contest, all you have to do is be the tenth caller and they give you $100 just for playing. Most radio stations can pull that out of petty cash!

David J. Ptacek
Garfield Heights

Still Like a Rock
As I was reading the article on the latest list of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, I couldn't help but stop reading and wonder aloud why Bob Seger hasn't been voted in as of this date. Seger has been recording music for more than thirty years now, and with some classic albums and songs, I feel he hasn't received the respect as other artists of his era. For fifteen years Seger toiled in the Midwest, playing to anyone who would listen. I remember in 1975, at the old Agora, Seger was to play, and ticket sales for some reason were lagging. (Tickets were $5, if I remember correctly.) During an interview on WMMS the day of the show, he informed the audience that the concert that night would be free to the public.

I have seen Seger more than thirteen times, and I hope to see a 1999 world tour. His music has helped me in many ways, and I would like to thank him for making my life that much easier. I hope Seger gets voted in and the world of music gives this man his due thanks.

Dennis Schaefer
via the Internet

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