Mexican Drug Cartels Are Running Weed Farms in Ohio

Secret gardens.
  • Secret gardens.

If you keep tabs on the drug war (and who doesn’t, right?) you might have heard of the troubling new development happening out west over the last few years. Instead of trying to hustle coke and weed over the border, the powerful Mexican cartels are now sneaking in their own guys, finding rural plots of land in California, and growing the product there on site. Give the guys an AK47, tell any hikers who happen by to beat it fast, and you’ve got a completely new profit model with little overhead and less risk of loss.

But with law enforcement cracking down on these rural cartel grows on the West Coast, it looks like the cartels may be turning their attention to the heartland . . . like here . . . in Ohio . . . which is . . . woah . . .

The Akron Beacon Journal has the details
. This happened down in the southern part of the state in Waverly. The state found a camp in Pike County comprised of about 1,200 plants. After raiding the site, officials say it looks like the area had been inhabited by Mexican nationals. No one was arrested.

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