Ohio TV Anchor Discovers Thongs Are Not Tax Deductible


Anietra Hamper has been a TV anchor at two Columbus-area stations. In addition to being well-versed in local news and national trends, Hamper also made it a point to keep up her appearance, a key tenet of the talking head gig.

From 2005-2008, she worked at NBC4 and then moved on to WBNS until 2010. It was the period from 2005-2008, however, that caught the eye of the IRS. You see, Hamper, in pursuit of beauty, spent gobs of money on clothes, gyms, trainers, manicures, and more. Why does the IRS care? She tried to write off every dime she spent on aesthetic accessories and clothing — a staggering total of $167,356.

This included money spent on thongs, underwear, and bedding. She claimed they were all essential to her job, because after all, you can only trust the word of someone who is pretty. Also, outside beauty is only part of the picture; it really matters whether she feels pretty and sexy, which is, we guess, where the thongs come in. If she feels more confident regurgitating a story about the local PTA in a G-string from Victoria's Secret than a boring pair of granny panties, who are we to judge? And the bedding, too. Ever hear of beauty sleep?

The IRS begged to differ, and now a court agrees.

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