The Hunt for the Great Orange, Brown, and White Whale: Unraveling the Mystery of the 1965 "CB" Cleveland Browns Helmet Logo


Most Browns fans are aware that while our favorite team doesn't have a logo on its helmets, it once almost did. Or actually did. Or something.

In 1965 the Browns were, supposedly, set to wear a logo on their domes for the first time (though they had previously worn numbers on their helmets). It was a stylized "CB" emblem that David Boss, a photographer and artist who would later start the NFL Creative Services department, designed at the behest of Art Modell for the NFL. That's about where fact and knowledge end in this infamous tale.

I've been aware of the "CB" logo for years, but could never find a complete account. Rumors and misinformation ran deep — conflicting reports citing photos that may or may not exist, quotes people may or may not have said, speculation filling the information voids. Verdicts fell into one of two camps:

1) The Browns definitely wore the logo once during an exhibition game against the Packers in 1965.

2) The Browns never wore the logo because the players peeled them off in revolt, either during training camp or before a game.

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