Best Nootropic Supplements Review. Thesis vs. Qualia: What are the Top Brain Supplements and Smart Drugs?

Are you looking to banish brain fog, beat chronic fatigue, or take your mental performance to the next level? If so, you’re in the right place.

We live in a hypercompetitive world, and we’re all looking to gain an edge. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve already explored a variety of productivity tools and are looking to learn more about the most cutting edge productivity solution, nootropics (also known as “smart drugs”).

What are nootropics? A nootropic is any ingredient that has the potential to boost cognitive performance. However, the “smart drugs” label is a misnomer; there is no group of substances that has the ability to change someone’s level of intelligence. Nootropics can, however, target neural circuits that support different brain states, including improving focus or energy.

Are nootropics actually effective? The short answer is yes, but only if you do your research. There are a ton of low quality products on the market that don’t offer much more than marketing jargon and sleek packaging. The quality of a nootropics product lies in its ingredients’ sourcing, dosage, and testing.

What’s our favorite nootropics brand? While Qualia has its share of buzz, we believe that Thesis offers the best nootropics. Thesis delivers the most cutting edge, effective, and streamlined nootropics system on the market.

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Read below for our full review of Thesis vs. Qualia.

Thesis: Most Cutting Edge, Effective, and Streamlined

Thesis takes the most cutting edge approach to nootropics, believing that for nootropics to work, they need to be customized to your unique brain chemistry and goals. Powered by the world’s largest data set on nootropics, formulated by a Yale graduate, and advised by neuroscientists from Yale and MIT, Thesis has developed a customized system that ensures you’ll have the highest probability of finding blends that work for you.

To start, you’ll take a short quiz that asks you questions related to your biological information, behavioral patterns, mood, and goals. Thesis’ complex, proprietary algorithm will analyze your responses to provide you with the four blends that have the highest statistical likelihood of working well with your brain chemistry. Each of Thesis’ blends contain a combination of vitamins, adaptogens, functional mushrooms, and choline that target specific brain states, including improving memory, energy, or focus as well as increasing confidence in social situations.

In your first month, you will systematically try the four different blends and will also be supported by a coach, who will help you optimize your blends on an ongoing basis. If you were to experiment with a similar process on your own, it would take you over six months, cost over eight hundred dollars, and would have a low probability of providing you with the same results.

Thesis’ reviews speak for themselves; the company has helped over five hundred thousand people find nootropics that work well for them and boasts over seven thousand five star reviews.


  • Subscription: $79 per month.
  • One time purchase: $119.


  • Thesis streamlines what would otherwise be an expensive, difficult, and lengthy process and allows you to try 30+ ingredients in your first month to find the nootropics that work best with your brain chemistry.
  • Thesis’ customization and ongoing optimization approach means that you will have the highest likelihood of finding blends that work for you with Thesis than with any other nootropics company.
  • Thesis meets the highest standards for safety. The blends’ ingredients are all tested in a third party lab and the products are produced in cGMP facilities that follow the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.
  • Thesis offers 100% ingredient and dosage transparency.
  • Thesis provides a coaching service in addition to its product. Customers receive free, ongoing coaching included in the subscription price.
  • Thesis is so confident that you’ll find blends that work for you that the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Thesis is less expensive than Qualia.


  • Thesis is more complex than other brands, and you’ll need to devote at least four weeks to understand which blends work best for you. However, while the process will take longer, your results will be better.

Thesis Reviews:

  • “I started taking Thesis for my ADHD because I didn't want to get back on Adderall and I wanted a natural way to help with my brain chemistry. After a month of trying the different supplements, I finally started to feel more in my body. I no longer had crazy racing thoughts, or worrying endlessly about the future. I was able to concentrate on what matters and take everything day by day. I no longer feel like I'm all over the place. I love Thesis so much and I couldn't ask for a more natural way to help my brain!” -Fae BrianaMarie
  • “Honestly. I can’t say it enough. Thank you for changing my life. I have panic disorder and my biggest fear is the fear of medication. I’ve needed to be medicated for my ADHD but just never could do it. This is so comfortable and I trusted you guys from the off. I’m 39 yrs old and for the first time in my life I can complete tasks in one sitting.” -Dinorah H
  • “I took Confidence today for two of my interviews and I killed both. I was less anxious and felt more open/sure of myself. I received feedback from both interviewers and they were impressed with my sense of self and ability to engage. I definitely need to add confidence to my stack next month.” - Alex S
  • “Clarity is great. It helps me focus on my tasks and keeps me focused. I am so prone to distractions — social media is the worst — but thanks to clarity, I am able to focus on my task and not get sidetracked. Love it! I have already started working on a couple of my "Someday" projects thanks to Clarity.” - Madhavi G.
  • “I just tried Motivation today and after months of struggling to stay in my seat for even an hour to do anything other than the bare minimum I sat for 5 hours, zoned in, and did so much work. I can't believe I waited so long to try these!” - Jamie W

Qualia Mind: Broadest Ingredient Profile

Qualia Mind is the leading blend in the Neurohacker Collective nootropics lineup and features 28 ingredients in a single blend that can be taken every day. Qualia Mind targets improving focus, attention, and energy. The blend is fast acting and supported by pharmacokinetics research, or a part of pharmacology that relates to how drugs move throughout the body).

Here are a few of the ingredients found in Qualia Mind:

  • Velvet Bean: supports antioxidant defenses, neuroprotection, and brain function.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: supports mood, brain health, and stress response.
  • Coffeeberry: supports mood, exercise performance, and cognitive performance.


  • First month: $59.
  • Subsequent months: $119.
  • One time order: $139.


  • Qualia features 28 ingredients in one blend, including some unique ingredients not often found in other products.
  • Qualia offers 100% transparency of ingredients and dosage amounts.
  • A 100 day money back guarantee is included with every purchase.


  • Qualia is like most nootropics in that it takes a “one size fits all” approach. If you don’t respond well to one of the ingredients in the blend, it will be difficult to understand which ingredient that is, and you will have wasted money on the blend.
  • Qualia requires you to take a large number of pills in one dose (7).
  • Qualia is more expensive than most other blends and does not offer coaching or support in the subscription price.

Qualia Mind Reviews:

  • “I like how this makes me feel and my mind is very active and clear.” -Lisa B
  • “I am a father, engineer, writer, and filmmaker…Qualia is a crucial part of my creative process.” -Justin F
  • “Wakes me up subtly and gets my mind working.” -Shania S
  • “Super product. Nice drive and energy!” -Dennis K

Which are the Best Nootropics: Thesis or Qualia?

Thesis and Qualia are two of the most prominent nootropics brands on the market. While Qualia has a flashier website and boasts a broader ingredient profile, Qualia Mind is more expensive and its “one size fits all” approach means that there is a high likelihood that one of the many ingredients in the blend will not work for you, and the whole blend will therefore be a waste of money.

In contrast, Thesis offers the most sophisticated and effective nootropics system available. Thesis takes a customized approach to nootropic supplements based on your brain chemistry and goals, employs only the highest quality ingredients in proper dosages, and rigorously tests its ingredients and blends for safety. Thesis also prioritizes human connection and includes free, ongoing coaching to help guide you through your subscription and ensure you maximize your results.

Start your Thesis experience by taking the quiz to find your baseline.

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