The Ultimate Guide to Delta-8 THC Gummies

One of the most prominent substances in 2022 is undoubtedly Delta-8 THC gummies. They are widespread in the US and can be purchased everywhere from malls to independent stores, evenly and most importantly, online.

There is lots of speculation regarding this fairly new entrance to the US market and further afield, and the hemp sector is all abuzz with the potential, or dangers, of these new hemp derived products. But what actually is Delta 8 gummies, do they get you high, how high, and are they legal? In this article we’ll answer all of your burning most commonly asked questions about Delta-8 gummies, so you can be fully informed.

Delta-8 THC Gummies — Explained

What Are Delta 8 Gummies?

Delta-8 gummies are a new-fangled kind of product which contain cannabinoid content. The active natural ingredient in the gummy is Delta 8 THC (Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol) and it can be mixed with a variety of other types of cannabinoids, for example terpenes which add to the taste and delicious flavor of the gummy.

Delta-8 THC is very similar in composition to Delta-9, a compound with psychoactive properties which is able to produce an elevated state of being high when consumed. Although they are alike, Delta-8 THC is actually much less potent than the well-known effects of Delta-9 which has probably contributed to their low status as a legal high.

Is Delta Eight Created Synthetically?

As there are only small amounts of delta-8 inside a cannabis or hemp plant, it can be hard to extract so little from a plant in the traditional means. Due to this, delta-8 is often derived by using a process known as isomerization through cannabinoids which are in greater supply. It does involve the chemical structures of isomers being changed, so while it is not entirely synthetic, there is an element of artificial creation with Delta-8. 

The High & Effects

Do Delta-8 Gummies Get You High?

In short, yes, Delta-8 THC gummies do function in a similar way to smoking or consuming cannabis, producing a high in the user. This is because they contain one of the main psychoactive compounds that is found in marijuana plants which produces an altered metal state with physical effects too, which we discuss below.

Delta-9 gummies in comparison can make the user feel strongly under the influence of THC, but Delta-8 THC is much milder so is touted to be good for people only needing a low dose or high. For this reason, many people who use these Delta 8 gummies are seeking help to alleviate stress or anxiety, to relieve pain, or sim

However, they don’t get you intensely intoxicated as the Delta-9 gummies do. So, most times, people take them to help with stress and anxiety. Also, Delta-8 gummies help with sleep problems and help manage pain and come in delicious flavors.

What Kind Of A Buzz Do Delta-8 Gummies Give You?

There are a range of different experiences when taking Delta-8 THC , but overall the feeling is one of calmness and euphoria. It is common for people taking Delta-8 THC to feel a mixture of emotions such as excitable, content or just a serene calmness. For these reasons it’s often consumed in an attempt to forget about problems and relax, or it might just be used as a sedative and relaxant before going to sleep. Users are much more likely to experience a smooth, mellow and relaxed kind of high. This is one of the main reasons that people suffering from stress or anxiety prefer Delta-8 to taking cannabis strains directly via inhalation or vaping, as they can achieve calmness without any of the strong buzz associated with other substances.

How High Can You Get From Taking Delta-8 Gummies?

As with all substances, different people can be affected in a wide range of ways depending on their state of mind, previous tolerance to similar highs such as smoking cannabis, or the person’s physical health. Compared with smoking cannabis or vaping substances like delta-9, Delta-8 gummies do not have such an intense and lasting effect that can leave you feeling very spaced out and fried. It also goes without saying that intake of different dosages will affect the overall experience, and under such circumstances it’s a reasonable measure to start with a low dose and monitor how you react to it.

You can then gradually increase the dosage until you achieve the desired effects, and if you experience anything that you are not comfortable with then you should not consume any more. It’s always a wise choice to try something new like this in the presence of friends should something untoward happen.

With many compounds like Delta-8 or Delta-9, a minority of people may experience a negative reaction, whether it’s emotional, a bad unforeseen side effect or as simple as an allergy to one of the natural ingredients in the hemp products.

Do Delta-8 Gummies Have An Effect Straight Away?

A myriad of factors come into play when determining how quickly the buzz from a substance is achieved and will vary according to the person taking it and the quality of the natural ingredients. Other aspects such as age, weight, tolerance and composition of the natural ingredients of Delta-8 THC have a role too.

Some users have reported feeling the effects of Delta-8 gummies within just five minutes, but others have reported it can take up to two hours to get the associated buzz. The main effects of the substance tend to peak after 30-90 minutes, and it can last anywhere from one hour to five hours.

Start by taking only one gummy and wait at least half an hour before taking any further puffs to see how it affects you, if it’s your first time trying it out.

The Benefits of Delta-8 Gummies

Here are the main benefits of taking Delta-8 gummies:

·         Helps insomnia

·         Improve brain function

·         Relieves pain

·         Increased Hunger

·         Anti-sickness

·         Anxiety suppressant

Helps Insomnia

As with its parent substance, cannabis, Delta-8 THC alters the body in such a way as to cause a feeling of relaxation and mellowness. When you are suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders like being a light sleeper, taking delta-8 THC products before bedtime is likely to induce not only a feeling of calmness and euphoria, but also a sedating effect. This will slow the mind down and help you ease into a restful sleep. It may send you into a deeper sleep than normal, so just be sure to consider any health conditions or parental responsibilities before trying out this method for sleeplessness.

Improve Brain Function

There is a notable association between delta-8 THC and brain function. When delta-8 gummies are used as with other cannabinoids, significant changes take place in the body of the user, more specifically in the brain and central nervous system. It has the ability to regulate and control platforms associated with calcium and potassium, as well as releasing adenylyl cyclase into the system. It has been detected that delta-8 and other cannabis related organic hemp products from the hemp industry stimulate the increase of both acetylcholine and choline, two compounds that currently are used in the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Relieves Pain

While there are many different medications available over the counter to relieve pain, many users of delta-8 have reported that it is capable of producing pain alleviation in a range of conditions. Most prominently, it is thought to assist with pain caused by inflammation such as MS, arthritis and Alzheimer’s Disease. This is because chronic pain is regulated by neural networks around the body and hormones too, many of which are blocked by the consumption of THC products like cannabis, delta-9 and delta-8 gummies.

Increased Hunger

It’s a well-known fact that consuming many kinds of organic hemp from cannabis plant products will leave users with a feeling of hunger, known commonly as the munchies. Using delta-8, users have reported exactly the same sensation, not unsurprising as it is from the same family as cannabis. Delta-8 THC contains anxiolytics as well as antiemetics which are known to cause a sensation of hunger. These work with the body’s endocannabinoid system and CB1 receptors and together increase the appetite which needs to be satiated. If you have a condition that suppresses appetite, then Delta-8 may be what you need.


Many diseases and illnesses cause patients to have a persistent feeling of nausea and sickness which may or may not make them actually vomit. A range of cancers and stomach disorders produce this effect, and it is believed that natural remedies in delta-8 have the ability to bind to the receptors in a person’s central nervous system to dampen this sensation. It is already known that everything from inflammation of the digestive system, vomiting and periods of nauseousness are controlled by the CB1 receptor, so delta-8 potentially could be a source of anti-sickness management.

Anxiety Suppressant

Anxiety can come about for all kinds of reasons, whether it is a relationship that causes worry or stress, not being sure about the future, or a bad financial situation. Delta-8 gummies interact with receptors in the body, specifically B1s, which can stabilize their functioning. B1 receptors are known to have a correlation with how anxious a person feels, so when delta-8 is taken, it is more than likely that the chemical reactions that take place in the body are in fact offering anxiety relief in the user and also come in delicious flavors.

The Legality of Delta-8 THC Gummies

Are Delta-8 Gummies Legal In The US?

At a federal level, because Delta-8 is a derivative of hemp, as opposed to cannabis, it is legal. However, each state has their own laws which can change quickly on new information gleaned from studies, so always be sure to check your up-to-date state laws before purchasing and ensure the product is third party lab tested.

As of October 2022, Delta-8 THC is legal in the following states: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Washington D.C.

Please bear in mind that some of these states only permit the sale of the substance which is exclusively sourced via hemp, so will allow products that are similar in nature to CBD in that they contain a very low (0.3) percentage of THC.

States which have the same laws for delta-8 as they do for cannabis consumed recreationally include Connecticut, Michigan and Nevada.

States with no clear legislation to determine if it is legal or otherwise include Mississippi, Nebraska and Kentucky.

In What States Are Delta-8 Gummies Illegal?

States where Delta-8 is explicitly illegal in all forms including vape and Delta 8 gummies are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont and Utah.

Choosing the Best Delta-8 THC Gummies

There are so many options when it comes to picking the right Delta 8 THC gummies nowadays and it can be very hard to understand what makes one gummy different or better from the next.

Because hemp gummies aren't classified as Food or Drugs, the industry is largely unregulated. Thus, every brand is responsible for delivering not only federally legal products but also products that have been lab-tested. Below, you’ll find the criteria we’ve formulated for you to consider.

Organic Ingredients

When putting together a list of the best products, we prioritized brands that used organic ingredients. Not only that, but we also made certain all of the ingredients in the product made sense. The ingredients had to be both natural and beneficial to the formulation. Some of the different delta-8 products contained vitamins, CBN, and even terpenes which can boost the effects of the product. Any product or brand that wasn't transparent about its ingredient profile was immediately disregarded. After all, there are so many brands out there doing the right thing, there's no reason to choose from products that have questions surrounding them.

Independent Third Party Lab Tested

We also looked at brands that are invested in showcasing the quality of their products. Any brand that is willing and able to spend money on third-party lab testing gets bonus points from us. It means they are taking accountability seriously and they are being fully transparent with their customers. Any brand that does this cares about the quality of their product and the well-being of their customers. A brand with high-level transparency can make all the difference in this industry.

Informative Descriptions

Delta-8 is rather new to the industry as a whole. Because of this, a lot of people might not necessarily know what it is and what they are getting into. This is why you want a brand to have an accurate and informative product description. The product description can give you a lot of pertinent information that can help you make a better and more informed buying decision. While knowing what flavor you are getting with the gummies is one thing, you also want to see the kind of effects you can expect. With various formulas and potencies, the customer needs guidance. Thus, we gave extra points to brands that went above and beyond to create highly accurate and transparent descriptions for customers.

Product Reviews

Reading product reviews from real customers can do a lot for a prospective customer. Reading reviews is a good way to tell how effective the product is for real users. Reviews have made it much easier for prospective customers to figure out the kind of experience they could expect from a delta-8 product. This is especially true for descriptive reviews that talk about how it helped ease their anxiety, stress, or sleep. We went ahead and chose these five delta-8 gummies brands because they all come highly regarded by actual customers.

The market is flooded with different Delta-8 THC Gummies. So hopefully after doing some research of the most integral factors we’ve suggested you look into, it'll be easier to find the best choice for you.

Here’s an example with Organic CBD Nugs’ - Delta-8 THC Gummies

Reasons to choose them as your source of high-quality delta-8 gummies:

  • Products are made with only the purest, organic secondary ingredients including all-natural fruit flavorings.
  • Delta-8 gummies that are 100% vegan and have never been tested on animals.
  • Every product sold, including delta-8 gummies, are sent to an established, third-party lab for rigorous testing. Official lab reports for our delta-8 gummies are provided on their website.
  • Most orders are shipped within 24 hours, and we offer free shipping on all orders over $75.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do They Cause Other Effects?

Due to the similarities between smoking cannabis and taking a delta-8, users will be prone to experiencing many of the same negative physical side effects. These include but are not limited to: an increased heart rate as your body adjusts to the processing of the compound, a dry mouth, reddened eyes as it works its way through your bloodstream, issues with hand-eye coordination as well as slowed reaction times as you become more mellow. Some people may also experience dizziness and confusion.

Will It Show On A Random Drug Check?

Like any other hemp product containing THC, you are likely to receive a positive test on a drug check. THC can take around 30 days to work its way out of your system completely, so if you work in a job that requires regular drug testing, it’s likely you would fail whether you choose to vape delta-8 carts or take the Delta 8 gummies. Ensure the product you choose is third party lab tested. As explained above, it is legal in many states, so you should consider this when giving your sample.


 If you're looking to purchase Delta 8 THC gummies, ensure they are high quality Delta 8 products from a company that uses natural ingredients with a good brand reputation, that engages in third party laboratory testing for their delta 8 thc gummies. And we hope all of the information we provided will help you do just that.

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