Cleveland No Longer Forbes' Most Miserable City

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One year ago Forbes proclaimed Cleveland the most miserable city in the history of miserable cities. We did not take kindly to the honor.

Forbes has just released their updated rankings, and — guess what? — Cleveland is no longer holding down the top spot.

(We'll take full credit for the change in ranking. Forbes must have read our groundbreaking feature story on why Cleveland is the best place in the world, a city that Rome would have modeled itself after had Cleveland been built first, and changed their minds.)

The Forest City still comes in at No. 10 on the list, but we'll consider this progress. And we'll also reevaluate our decision to punch Forbes in the nuts. Maybe.

The new most miserable city in America is Stockton, California, which is not interesting at all because it's in California. Here's what they had to say about Cleveland:

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