Letters published May 21, 2008

LeBron James the sporting life racism

"King Cheapskate," May 7

A Royal Pain
Will King James' tip percentage hurt his pocketbook?: If the whole city can boycott Papa John's for insulting LeBron James, the whole city can boycott King James for insulting everyone who works in the service industry. I say all service-industry employees boycott anything having to do with LeBron James.

Every time we buy anything having to do with LeBron James and the Cavs, he gets paid. Why should we help pay his salary, if he doesn't care to return the favor and pay his servers what they're owed? If LeBron had any class or appreciation for his fans, he would go back to XO and return the money he stole from his server, with an extended apology.


Tightwads of the world, unite! Get a life. The dude should have been happy to even have a job with that kind of attitude. The U.S. should do like the Chinese and make tipping illegal or frowned upon. I've been too many places where waiters do a terrible job and then still expect a tip, or roll their eyes when they don't like the amount. Wake up, America!

Rod Trent  

Brown-nose town: What a ridiculous bunch of jackasses this entire community has become! What the hell have we been reduced to? So now we are not allowed to criticize athletes publicly, because we are afraid they're going to take their ever-so-important asses and leave town?

We insult the president of the United States on a much-deserved daily basis! So now the economic future of Cleveland rests on the shoulders of one stupid kid, who happens to be able to throw an orange ball better than others?

Cleveland, you're all pathetic cowards. Pick up a book or try an alternative form of entertainment, perhaps like writing your congressmen and explaining that you're sick and tired of living in a ravaged economy that relies on the accomplishments of one ghetto brat. The guy is a miserable scumbag if he in fact did what the server from XO claims, and I'm happy to be leaving this town.

LeBron is not absolved from the practice of common courtesy, and he doesn't need another pair of lips (mine) superglued to his ass. No 23-cent pizzas from me, prick.


Darwinian Economics 101: What a loser. Are you kidding me? LeBron grew up in poverty and knows what it's like to not have money. He should be ashamed of himself. I was a fan, but not anymore.

Now my co-workers just shake their heads and smile and say cheap, greedy bastard, King James. If he were a server, how would he feel if someone left him a $10 tip? The rich help the rich, but the poor need to help each other, not just when the media are around. Someone helped him, didn't they?  


Skinflints come in many colors: After working in the service industry for 25 years, I have seen all types as far as tipping is concerned. As a host at a popular Akron jazz spot (no longer there), I had a black server come up to me and say, "No niggers in my section. They don't tip."

Then some white politicians wanted to sit in an upper section that was closed, to discuss business. So a server had to leave her section on the lower level to accommodate them, neglecting the customers she already had. The politicians stiffed her.

It has nothing to do with race. A-holes are A-holes, no matter where you go.

Samuel E. Risley   

Hey, but your name's not LaBron Jaimes! How disappointed I am about this story. I am a fan. I love watching him toss that orange ball around. But I do not agree at all about how much these guys earn, while the rest of us ordinary people struggle just to keep food on the table.

I have worked in the restaurant industry for over 27 years. You never know what you're going to get tipped. The customers you least expect a generous tip from surprise you the most. If LeBron has been known to be cheap, why doesn't the restaurant automatically add a 20 [percent] tip to the bill? Lots of places do that with groups over eight. Especially if they keep you there well after closing.

But how do we even know this story is true? This is a free magazine, quoting a server full of attitude. My family paid good money to this magazine to advertise our bar for over 10 years, and they never once spelled our name right.


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