The Daily Show Covers the RNC Live from Cleveland This Week

Comedy Central's The Daily Show with host Trevor Noah is currently being filmed live from The Breen Auditorium in Cleveland this week as the show covers the Republican National Convention.

As the audience was lining up in preparation to get their tickets, a Daily Show representative set the stage for the rest of the night's jokes, saying, “Just like airport security. No weapons. Ohio, I know, you guys like carrying your fucking bazookas."

After a long day of what seemed like endless queuing, everyone was ushered into the auditorium around 4:30 p.m. We were greeted on stage by the audience coordinator who gave us the "TV taping" spiel.

This included the emphasis on the photography ban once the taping started, which had been reiterated again and again throughout the day. Photography and filming of any kind was listed on the "What Not To Bring" list, following directly behind weapons.

After waiting for another hour or so, hastily refreshing Twitter as the RNC announced a roll-call vote and then Trump's official clinching of the GOP presidential nomination, Trevor Noah emerged to a standing ovation from the crowd.

"Cleveland is the home of the friendliest people," Noah began, telling a short story of when he was out catching Pokemon for a segment and a driver slowed down to ask if they were lost and needed directions or a ride anywhere. "Are you trying to kidnap me or something? People in New York don't even smile," followed Noah.

A self-professed King James fan, Noah reminisced of when he wore a LeBron shirt last time he was in Cleveland right after James left for Miami and got "Asshole!" and "Jackass!" yelled at him from locals.

This was in great contrast to when he wore that very same shirt just the other day. "Boo that LeBron! Woo this LeBron!" carried on Noah.

Prior to the recording of the show, Noah answered a couple audience questions that ranged from what life was like as an immigrant in America, to how he has been enjoying his time in Cleveland.

The show's narrative that was created throughout this episode revolved around the need for more conversation in politics between the parties and the necessity for eradicating the extreme polarization we see in politics today.

Between commercial breaks, when not mouthing and dancing along to Beyoncé's Freedom, Noah would stop and address the audience, breaking the light-heartedness of the satirical show and taking a more serious tone regarding the harmful extremities that have been shown throughout this election.

"We have to communicate, we have to conversate. We have to find some middle ground," said Noah as a thought brewed in his head and a grin began to overtake his serious expression. Almost giggling, he finished his thought, "Ben Carson will bring us together. If he can separate twins, he can unite the country."

Tuesday's guest was former RNC chairman, Michael Steele. During the extended interview Noah continued to discuss the theme of bipartisan conversation and the ability to work across the aisle, while also examining the differences between this election and previous years'.

At the end of the show, Noah walked to the front of the stage and thanked the audience for being a great crowd, "the only problem was that you guys laughed too much." Meaning they had to record one segment again, shortening a piece.

While walking out, similar to the conclusion of the RNC on Monday night and multiple Trump rallies, the audience members exited the building to Queen's "We Are The Champions" blasting throughout the auditorium.

The full episode can be viewed on Comedy Central's website, along with many other clips of RNC coverage. The tapings began Tuesday afternoon and will continue through Friday, each at 6 pm before the show airs at 11 pm, free (first come, first served) tickets are available here.

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