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A reader sounds off on Cakeboy Cakegirl

On: "Having His Cake and Eating It, Too; A For-Profit Charity Comes Under Scrutiny After Members Detail Shady Dealings"

I would first like to thank you for writing this article. I was a member of the company for over a year. I was dedicated and loyal to this company. I served on the community service and charity department. I helped plan and execute events. I left approximately 2 or 3 months before the company scandal was announced. My leaving was due to not getting paid. I was on a team called "Go-Getters" -- for every ticket over the 5 sold you were supposed to get the money back. Well none of my team received any funds. Now our team was known for charity. I was one of the biggest donators and I had many people in the community helping in our success as a team. We won 7 months straight for charity events. I knew things were wrong when Latonya left on a so-called leave. At that point the company went down dramatically. The sorority came about and the older members such as myself could see right through the act. When I left the company, I offered to still help on all levels. Latonya was understanding to my reasons for leaving but Derrick thought he could control everything. He called to bring me back, but I was just done. I just had a bad feeling. Let's just say Go-Getters went down the drain. Derrick lost members that put years into this company for his own ego. When I left, I got in touch with Derrick about my supposed stocks and he sent me to his lacky Koko. They told me they had to get in contact with the account. About a month later of me harassing him, Koko called and said she had my rebate. I asked her how much it was and she told me $100 dollars. I wanted to know: how do I get back $100 dollars when I paid dues in advance and on time for over a year. She tells me it's a number the account uses to give you an estimate. I may not be the sharpest crayon but mom didn't raise a fool. I have ALL inboxes to Derrick about my stocks. I asked him about this estimate. I never received an inbox back. Long story short: Derrick is a user, manipulator, liar, thief, and cold-hearted individual. He has not only stolen from me, but he has stolen from my kids along with others and their families. He can call us haters but we have made Cakeboy and Cakegirl what it was. All the other members have put time and energy into this company while he enjoys the benefits. I would like to thank you once again for your articles because there are a lot of hurt "cakers."

Janina Starr

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