What To Do When It's Hard to Find a 1970's Indians Throwback Jersey For a Reasonable Price...

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Jeremy Hills works in sales here at Scene. He also loves baseball. More than that, he loves jerseys. Here's a little tale he has to tell...

Anyone who has a thing for throwback baseball jerseys probably knows what I've gone through over the years. They are either too expensive or just not available on the open market. Sure you can buy a replica from M & N for $250, or possibly luck out on eBay. However, what you find on eBay is a lot of counterfeits from China and leftover 3xl's from the hip-hop community. I had begun to give up in my quest for a 1975 blue Cleveland Indians home jersey when, by chance, I was looking at an 80's Milwaukee Brewers jersey on eBay and noticed that the seller had mentioned that he makes his own jerseys. Yes, I met a man online and he changed my life. His name is Frosty and he made my dream come true.

I provided Frosty a blank blue v-neck jersey with the same brand as they had in 1975, and a Chief Wahoo arm patch that I found on eBay. It was up to Frosty to create the crest and put the pieces together. The end result, magical!

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