5 Best Instant Female Arousal Pills and Sex Enhancers For Women

If you're looking to spice up your sex life with quicker arousal, enhanced libido, and more powerful orgasms than ever, there are female enhancement products on the market that can help.

From instant female arousal pills, libido boosters, to sexual enhancement gels, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

However, the sheer number of products can be intimidating, and some women are hesitant to ask friends and family about their experiences with such intimate products.

To help you find the best solution for your sex life, we've reviewed the top female arousal products on the market. We examined ingredients, customer reviews, benefits, and price to come up with a list of the best sexual arousal pills and creams for women.

If you're ready to enjoy sex like you've never had before, here are the best female sex enhancers that you’ll find anywhere, guaranteed.

Top 4 Best Female Sex Enhancement Pills and Creams

Vigorelle: Best Instant Arousal Gel

Vigorelle is an all-natural lubricant that heightens the pleasure from every touch. The main benefits advertised for this product are increased sexual sensation, quicker arousal, relief from vaginal dryness, and heightened feelings of sexual desire.

It works by improving blood flow to the genital area for better circulation to help you relax and enjoy better sex. By dilating the nearby blood vessels, Vigorelle makes the clitoris more sensitive to touching, rubbing, and kissing, leading to greater orgasm intensity and frequency.

Vigorelle is meant to be used as a lubricant and sex enhancer for those special moments. This product is water-based, all-natural, and pH balanced. Vigorelle only uses the purest botanical extracts and naturally-derived ingredients. There are no petrochemical by-products, artificial colors, or flavors. It's easy to wash off, condom compatible, and has a non-greasy consistency.

Ingredients include:

L-Arginine HCI (for enhanced circulation)
Ginkgo biloba (to soothe irritation)
Wild yam, a.k.a. Dioscorea villosa (to stimulate and balance hormones)
Damiana leaf, a.k.a. Folium Turneraceae (to combat chronic loss of sexual power)
Suma root (to boost endurance)
Peppermint leaf (to improve absorption of other ingredients)
Vitamins A, C, and E, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera (to provide antioxidants which ensure circulation throughout the body)

Apply a small amount of Vigorelle beneath the clitoris and rub it in, particularly to the underside, for the best results.

Vigorelle is for any woman that wants to enhance their sexual experience with quicker arousal, improved sexual sensation, and heightened feelings of desire.If you're health-conscious or sensitive to chemicals, you'll love to know that Vigorelle has no artificial colors, flavors, or fragrances.

  • Starts to Work Instantly Upon Application
  • 100% Natural with No Reported Side Effects
  • Doctor-Endorsed Formula
  • Edible and Non-Toxic
  • 67 Day Money Back Guarantee

Provestra: Best Female Libido Booster Supplement

Provestra is a daily supplement designed to boost female libido. But it’s more than just a female libido booster. The Provestra arousal pill contains a combination of herbs, aphrodisiacs, and nutrients that help balance hormones, improving sexual health while acting as a libido enhancement.

Here are the benefits of taking Provestra:
  • Increased sex drive and desire
  • Greater orgasm intensity
  • Enhanced sexual pleasure

Provestra works by promoting total body relaxation. It causes the dilation of blood vessels, which allows you to fully enjoy your sexual experience without trying too hard. Provestra includes a combination of powerful herbs and nutrients that cause more intense muscle contractions during sex, making it easy to experience powerful orgasms that'll leave you smiling for hours after.

Provestra’s natural ingredients include:

  • Ginger root
  • Black cohosh root
  • Theobromine
  • Damiana leaf
  • Licorice root
  • Ginseng
  • Ginger root
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Red raspberry

After 7 days of taking the Provestra libido supplement pill, many women report a noticeable increase in sexual desire, increased fantasies about sex, quicker full body arousal, improved lubrication, and intense sensations during intercourse.

The Provestra daily supplement is designed for anyone with female arousal issues regardless of age. It may be especially beneficial to women whose low libido and sexual desire may be the result of hormonal changes due to menopause, post-pregnancy, or stress.

  • 100% Natural Herbals, Nutrients, and Aphrodisiacs
  • Perfect for Low Sexual Desire
  • Great Solution for Any Woman That Has Trouble Reaching Orgasm
  • Does Not Interfere With Birth Control
  • Provestra Comes With a Satisfaction Guarantee

HerSolution: Pills To Increase Female Sex Drive

HerSolution Pills are for women with low sexual energy. For busy women to whom sex has become a chore, HerSolution promises to reignite desire and stoke sexual arousal.

Over time, stress, exposure to synthetic estrogen, poor nutrition, hormonal changes, and other factors can cause a lack of interest in sexual activity. With time, HerSolution corrects those imbalances so women can enjoy their sex lives again.

Natural ingredients of HerSolution include:

  • Niacin
  • Hops Extract
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Epimedium Sagittatum
  • Cayenne

Users take arousal pills daily. HerSolution may need a few weeks to take full effect, but it can dramatically improve sexual desire and enjoyment.

Women who have never had orgasms have reported that they have been able to have orgasms after taking HerSolution. Users who have seen their sexual desire wane with age say they feel like teenagers again.

For women with low sex drive, this supplement can markedly improve desire without damaging side effects.

  • Doesn't Contain Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Root, or Dong Quai
  • Improves Energy Levels and Stamina
  • All-Natural Female Arousal Pill
  • Try it Risk-Free for 67 Days

Hersolution Gel: Female Orgasm Enhancer

Hersolution Gel is an instant arousal formula that relieves vaginal dryness, improves sexual pleasure, and gives you intense orgasms that you'll remember days later. This sexual enhancer was recently featured on "The Doctors", as an effective solution for increasing sex pleasure and combating vaginal dryness.

Here are the benefits of taking Hersolution Gel:

  • Heightened feelings of sexual desire
  • Increased sensitivity to every touch
  • Encourages you own natural lubrication to kick in
  • Keeps you wet, warm, and slippery with a single application
  • Helps you orgasm stronger and more intense than ever before

Hersolution has been formulated with all-natural botanical ingredients including:

  • L-Arginine
  • Natural Botanical Essences
  • Olive Squalane
  • Oil
  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Carbopol Ultrez Polymer
  • Shea Butter
  • Purified Water
  • Triethanolamine
  • Citric Acid
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Dipropylene Glycol
  • Menthol USP

HerSolution Gel can be applied like any lubricant cream, but unlike the typical drugstore lubricant, it’s free of parabens and provides much more pleasure. It improves blood flow to the clitoris, resulting in greater sexual sensation.

HerSolution Gel can be used by any woman who has experienced vaginal dryness. Hormonal changes, medicine, diet, and stress can all contribute to dryness (these issues lead most women to experience dryness at some point in their lives). HerSolution Gel can solve the problem while increasing sex drive and desire.

Natural Ingredients - Free of Parabens and toxic Chemicals

  • Doctor-Approved Formula
  • Starts Working Instantly Upon Application
  • Thousands of Satisfied Customers
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Click Here To Visit The Official HerSolution Gel Website

What Causes Low Libido in Women?

Many factors might cause a woman to have low libido or to see libido dip over time. The good news is that it’s often more than the result of a mere mental block. Instead, underlying medical and health conditions may be to blame. Those could include:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Psychological factors
  • Physical reasons

In fact, there is a medical condition known as generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), which applies to woman who once had a higher sex drive but are now less interested, no matter who they’re with or what circumstances they’re in.

Female hormones change all the time due to pregnancy, menopause, or exposure to synthetic estrogens. Even your monthly cycle causes estrogen levels and concentrations of other hormones to rise and fall.

All these changes can negatively impact our sex lives. Some supplements and medicines seek to realign your hormones to make you feel younger, more energetic, and more interested in sex.

And don’t forget about your mental health, especially when it comes to the effects of stress. Between careers, family, and other obligations, women are busier than ever, and that can take a toll on their libido.

Many supplements and gels seek to help you relax so you can get in the mood—and if they heighten the sensation a little bit, too, so much the better!

Speaking of stress, if you’ve been sleeping and exercising less, and eating more fast food, or if you just have more years of experience than you did when you were younger, you may understandably have a lower libido or sexual response because of the physical condition of your body. A well-chosen product could get you feeling like your old self again.

Prescription Sexual Enhancement Drugs For Women

Scream Cream: Alternative To Women’s Viagra

It’s easy to see where so-called “scream cream” products like Strut “O” Cream get their name. Prescription creams have been shown to increase female sexual activity.

In fact, scream cream is made with Sildenafil, the generic form of Viagra, which increases blood flow to the erogenous zone to intensify female arousal just like the little blue pill does for men.

Other active ingredients include:

  • Pentoxifylline
  • Ergoloid mesylates
  • Arginine

Users rub a pea-sized amount of Scream Cream into the vaginal and clitoral area about half an hour before sexual activity.

Prescription female libido creams are for people who want to heighten female libido without getting shots or taking a daily pill and who want a product free of risky side effects.

While side effects are rare and minor, women should not use Scream Cream while experiencing a yeast or bacterial infection, or on cuts or otherwise irritated skin.

Vyleesi (Bremelanotide): Injections To Increase Female Libido

Certain women struggling with sexual dysfunction may benefit from prescription-strength medication such as Vyleesi.

Made from bremelanotide, Vyleesi is the only injectable medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder in premenopausal women.

That means the medication can help restore the sexual health of women who once had a fulfilling sex life but now struggle with female sexual desire regardless of the activity or partner. Women with a sexual desire disorder can give themselves a shot of Vyleesi at least 45 minutes before sexual activity.

Vyleesi does have potentially serious side effects, and women should talk to a doctor about their blood pressure, kidney problems, liver issues, and pregnancy plans. People with high blood pressure should not take Vyleesi, and users should limit how many doses they take each month. Other possible side effects include nausea, darkening of some areas of skin, and reactions around the injection area.

Addyi (Flibanserin): Horny Pills For Women

Addyi is a once-a-day tablet that can treat sexual dysfunction by increasing female libido and making sex more satisfying. Better sexual health makes for a more passionate experience for users and their partners.

Women should talk to a doctor about Addyi if they once had a higher libido but now experience low female sexual desire.

Pills are FDA-approved and designed for patients who have not reached menopause. Addyi can sometimes adversely affect blood pressure and other parts of the body. Researchers have found that some users experience dizziness, drowsiness, fainting, and sleep disturbance, so it’s important to talk about medical conditions and alcohol use with a physician before using Addyi.

Licensed doctors can discuss a prescription over the phone to determine whether Addyi could help a potential patient improve her libido. Tablets can be delivered at home, so users don’t have to pick up their prescription at the pharmacy.

Are Natural Female Sex Pills Safe?

Reputable, non prescription creams and supplements are generally free from side effects.

Some instant female arousal pills, gels, and injections may elicit more disruptive reactions. However, prescription medicine used to treat hyposexuality is regulated by the FDA.

That means researchers test the medicine so a doctor can talk with you about whether you would benefit from trying it.

Your physician can also alert you to any potentially dangerous side effects to look out for. Tell your doctor about other medications you might be taking to make sure they won’t react negatively with your new prescription. Your doctor may tell you that other substances, such as alcohol, could affect the strength and safe use of your new prescription.

How Quickly Can You Expect Female Libido Boosters to Work?

This is an important consideration when selecting the option that will work best for you. Many pills, whether a supplement or a pharmaceutical, take days to take effect and weeks to reach their full potential. That’s because they need to build up in order to change your body chemistry and increase your desire.
For a faster-acting option, you might consider a topical gel or cream to improve your libido by opening up blood vessels near your most sensitive spots. This, in turn, makes your erogenous area more receptive to pleasure and provides additional warmth and lubrication both you and your partner can enjoy.

For a middle path, you might consider taking a natural supplement as mentioned above, as they will boost the female sex drive along with intensifying orgasms for an all-around approach.

Consider your lifestyle and the kind of sex you’d like to have. Remember that not all products are appropriate for all women. Certain solutions are designed for pre-menopausal users. Others are for people who don’t plan to become pregnant. Some medication may be dangerous for women with kidney disease, cardiovascular issues, or other health concerns.

Are Female Libido Supplements Right for You?

If you or your partner are looking to improve the intimacy of your relationship, it can take time to find the best female libido treatment or pleasure-magnifying product. However, there are many female arousal pills, libido enhancers, and lubricating gels on the market to make your body feel great.

If you’ve tried a cream or supplement in the past and found it didn’t do anything to improve your romantic relationship, consider one of these products. Take some time to think about which solution would best address your concerns. You may decide to have a conversation with your partner or doctor to arrive at the option that works for you.

For example, the supplement Provestra can improve libido without a lot of nasty side effects, but Provestra doses take a little time to build up. For a young woman who wants a more immediate response, a product like Vigorelle may be more appropriate. Either woman may also benefit from a lubricant such as HerSolution Gel.

If you’re ready to turn the page and have mind-blowing sex with the best female arousal products, you have a plethora of options at your fingertips. Just be wary of supplements and medications that claim instant results with exotic-sounding ingredients such as maca root, dong quai, and tribulus terrestris.
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